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Skid protection shoes soles material and design requirements

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Skid protection shoes soles material and design requirements

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Labor protection shoes

Labor protection shoes Sole slip is the basic functional requirements, there are still many people each year because of wearing protective shoes slipping or falling injury. Although different sites, different uses, different jobs, or different types of shoes, there is a big difference between the non-slip and non-slip standards of the sole, but as a sole or footwear manufacturer, the sole material selection and sole design When still should pay enough attention to its anti-skid function.

General labor protection shoes outsole material requirements should have oil, slippery, wear-resistant, pressure, water resistance, good elasticity, heat resistance, impact resistance, easy to fit the foot shape is not easy to change, heat preservation, At the same time, but also with the midsole, when there is a brake for the role of foot change will not slip and easy to stop and other conditions.

There are many factors that affect the non-slip of labor protection shoes soles, such as the sole material (labor protection shoes soles material including rubber, plastic, rubber composite material, PU / PU, PU / TPU, PU / RUBBER and other materials.) Ground hardness, humidity, Smooth, soles pattern, structure and so on. Generally non-slip effect on dry ground, often called dry slip. In the case of water on the ground under the non-slip effect known as wet slip. In some special working environments or living environments, there may not be only ordinary water on the ground, but often oil, and even oil and water coexist. Therefore, there are oil-based anti-slip slippery and oil plus water, according to different environments, shoes for slip function requirements have different shoes and sole design.

Labor protection shoes sole shading rough and rugged, can effectively increase the actual contact area, thereby increasing friction and improve the anti-slip effect. Different shading structure, thickness and depth, the resulting deformation and the actual contact with the ground area is also different. Too thin lines in the support of the human body, easy to wear, resulting in rapid stop-slip effect weakened; too rough shading, walking in the general road, resulting in deformation of the slip-stop poor.

Therefore, the design of labor protection shoe sole pattern is more important in the wet-type interface. The wetting surface design of the draining water directly affects the anti-slip effect of the sole. When the water exists between the sole and the contact surface, the sole pattern can not effectively remove the water to the groove and the sole of the sole, water will exist between the sole and the ground, the thin water layer plays a lubricating role, Greatly reduce the friction between the soles and the ground, resulting in skidding. Therefore, the design of labor protection shoes soles pattern, it is necessary to consider the dry contact surface, but also consider wetting the contact surface.

Labor protection shoes soles material and pattern structure of its non-slip non-slip function plays a decisive role. Chi Ning company's labor protection soles made of high quality materials, the unique non-slip pattern design so that the production of non-slip labor protection shoes can be used in extreme wet environment, to meet the needs of all walks of life.

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