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Undocumented protection toe shoes products in the end security is not safe?

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Undocumented protection toe shoes products in the end security is not safe?

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Toe shoe

When it comes to labor protection products, the first thing we think of may be helmets, seat belts and gloves, and the protection of toe shoes and protective boots, which are used to protect the workers' feet, are often overlooked. In fact, the protection of toe shoes for the construction site of the necessary items to protect the health of workers' feet. Nowadays, many ordinary consumers like to choose to protect the toe shoes because of the firmness of the toe shoes. However, the protection of toe shoes in the end security is not safe, but also because of "shoes" may be.

Functional Safety: Undocumented products are still flowing into the market

Mentioning the protection of toe shoes, not only many consumers confused, and even some of the shoes of the businessmen know little about this. Liujiayao in Beijing is located near the hand Weihuo market, the reporter asked a layer of footwear sales area three or four shopkeepers, sales staff almost always ask the first sentence of "what to protect the toe shoes." Many sales staff said they never heard of such shoes, and some simply told reporters did not sell. Reporter then went to a labor insurance shop near Beijing Anle Lin, reporters in front of the counter saw a military similar to the big shoes, the owner told reporters that this labor insurance shoes is actually protect the toe shoes. The so-called protection toe shoes, to put it plainly is a protective shoes with protective functions. For example, to protect the toes, but also insulated, waterproof, anti-puncture, anti-smashing, oil and so on.

In Taobao, enter "protect toe shoes", you can find 20972 related to the baby, the price from more than 30 yuan to more than 200 yuan. In more than 20,000 products, most protect the toe shoes are used steel head, upper leather material. Due to the needs of the function, many shoes look more heavy, however, there are also some businesses introduced the summer breathable lightweight toe shoes, of course, the price is about 5 times the traditional type.

As the name suggests, toe shoes to protect the first guarantee is the foot safety. But so many kinds of protection toe shoes, can really do it? The end of last year, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision on the production of the city toe shoe product quality supervision and spot checks, random checks toe shoes Including the protection of toe protection toe shoes, anti-puncture protection toe shoes, anti-static protection toe shoes, conductive protection toe shoes, oil-resistant shoe protection toe shoes, electric insulation protection toe shoes, chemical-resistant industrial plastic Molded boots, chemical-resistant industrial rubber boots and other 8 kinds of products. The results show that the passing rate of 100%. At the same time, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision statistics, as of the end of July 2011, a total of 22 validated enterprises in Shanghai.

In fact, the protection of toe shoes is included in the national industrial production permit management products, because of the particularity of its use, its production has a set of strict national standards. In the 90s of last century, our country has formulated a strict protection of toe shoes production, testing standards. For example, the protection of toenail toe shoes: according to LD50-94 standard implementation, the header safety performance is divided into five grades AN1 / AN2 / AN3 / AN4 / AN5, AN1 is the highest for metallurgy, mining, forestry, ports, handling , Quarrying, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry and so on. In addition, there are some specific standards, according to our An1 standard, the steel head can withstand 200 Joule impact (23KG * 900mm> 15mm) or to withstand 15KN static pressure.

According to a press survey, not to protect the toe shoes, labor insurance shoes can really meet the safety standards. Reporter consulted a few shops to protect the toe shoes found that most sellers said they sold the protection of toe shoes quality is no problem, and even some promised 7 days unconditional return, however, for the reporter raised the issue of production license, Some brand sellers can come up with relevant credentials, while some small shops are secretive.

In Taobao, "poly margin shop shoe shoes store", a leather toe head protection toe shoes price is only 33 yuan. The reporter as a consumer consultant, "Qi Chuan Yu": "Our home protection toe shoes are in line with national standards?" The seller "Qi Chuan Yu," told reporters, "Quality is no problem," but he later told reporters that reporters Ask the steel head of this shoe is normal, not a national standard. When a reporter once again said that some sellers can come up with production licenses, the "Qi Chuan Yu," the reporter told reporters rather surprised, he said: "A certificate may not be true."

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