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Anti-smashing shoes can withstand much impact and safety performance of the specific embodiment?

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Anti-smashing shoes can withstand much impact and safety performance of the specific embodiment?

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Smash shoes

Anti-smashing shoes is a more general statement, in fact, our country has a special standard shoes, that is, safety shoes standards. GB21148-2007 standard shows that the safety shoes (anti-smashing shoes) to withstand the static pressure of 15KN and 200 joules of impact. At the same time GB21147-2007 standard provides that work shoes (anti-smashing shoes) to withstand the static pressure of 10KN and 100 joules of impact.

Thus, in fact, anti-smashing shoes in different national standards have different standards, so we must understand when buying, we are the choice of safety shoes or work shoes, so as to avoid error purchase, causing potential danger to work .

Anti-smashing safety shoes that is to protect the safety of toe shoes, attention is installed in the toe head against the impact of some of the inside head, made of leather or other materials to protect the toes from injury shoes. And its security performance embodied, mainly in the following areas:

First, pressure resistance. The toe from the inside of Baotou 25mm (3mm Department, even the bottom cut under the indication error is (1% of the pressure testing machine platform in the toe into the high 35mm diameter 22mm plasticine cylindrical The force was then applied at a rate of 5 mm / min (2 mm / min to the desired force for 1 min and the force was restored to zero.) The compressed plasticine was removed, the height measured with a caliper, the value measured with the lowest position For the measured value. Its value should be consistent with the provisions.

Second, impact resistance. Place the toe cap and the cylindrical plasticine inside the impactor, fix the inspected toe cap, raise the impact hammer (23kg (0.2kg) to the required height, and then impact the toe cap freely.) Remove the plasticine Caliper measurement, the value should be consistent with the provisions.

Third, the pressure inside the header and impact resistance requirements. Test methods and toe test method the same, but after the deformation of the inner package should be less than the spacing 22mm.

Fourth, the first package corrosion resistance requirements. Due to sweat and moisture and other reasons can be corrosive Baotou, and affect the quality of shoes. Therefore, Baotou should have corrosion resistance. The requirement is to use two white filter papers (100 m wide and 150 mm long) with one end immersed in 1% NaCl solution and the other end placed above and below the inner tip. After 48h remove the filter paper, check the Baotou NaCl corrosion marks, measure the area of each spot (mm2). Require corrosion spots shall not exceed 5 points, and each spot shall not be greater than 2.5mm.

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