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Labor protection shoes single density and double density difference and selection criteria

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Labor protection shoes single density and double density difference and selection criteria

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Labor protection shoes

With the progress of society, people's safety awareness continues to increase, people's understanding of labor protection shoes will gradually deepen, more conducive to the selection and use of labor protection shoes. However, a wide range of functional and labor protection shoes a bit dazzling, and labor protection shoes single density and double density difference is not very clear. Here we work together to understand the main difference between single and double density labor protection shoes.

There are two general methods of comparison:

1, the finished product labor protection section cross-sectional anatomy and comparison, after comparing the appearance of labor-saving work shoes cut open, cut can be clearly observed after the cross-section, accessories cross-section, sole section, steel head, steel floor and shoes The internal structure and internal processes, it is worth mentioning here is the density of single-density shoe soles are the same, the hand will be pressed to feel more hard; and cut double-density soles cross-section, you can observe the obvious up and down 2 The density of the layer is not the same as the upper density is low, the lower density will be hand to press will feel very good flexibility. If the labor-protection shoe soles for the two-color molding, but the same section density is also a single density of the species;

2, try different density of labor protection shoes, through the line, squat, kick, heavy tread and other actions to experience the comfort of single and double different density labor protection shoes.

Above is the labor protection shoes single density and double density difference between the introduction, I hope will be helpful to you.

Labor protection shoes wholesale selection criteria:

1, in addition to labor protection shoes according to operating conditions, select the appropriate type, but also should ensure that the shoe size is fit, make people feel comfortable to wear;

2, labor protection shoes not only to protect people's feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by the operator slipping, so the sole should be non-slip design;

3, a variety of performance-based labor protection shoes, to achieve the technical indicators of their respective protective properties, such as toes are not injured, the soles are not stabbed, insulated conductive requirements;

4, work in special industries, such as electrical and acid, the use of labor protection shoes before carefully checking, damaged and cracked labor protection shoes are dangerous;

5, labor protection Shoes should be properly kept after the use of rubber shoes with water or disinfectant rinse and dry to extend the service life.

The above is the introduction of labor protection shoes wholesale selection criteria, if you want to know more about labor protection shoes, please pay attention to our website.

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