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Labor protection shoes and other labor protection supplies need to be strengthened management

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Labor protection shoes and other labor protection supplies need to be strengthened management

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Labor protection shoes

To raise awareness of safety, we should start with the leadership of enterprises. Only business leaders have a sense of responsibility for safety in order to ensure that the enterprise labor protection special funds and the implementation of the safety management system. The support and attention of employees is an important factor that determines the effectiveness of occupational safety and health management. The accumulation of employee safety experience is a valuable resource for safety work. Only by establishing a people-centered concept, we can always maintain the awareness of crisis and take the initiative of the prophet in order to effectively prevent the accident from happening. Specific to the general use of labor protection supplies enterprises should strengthen the following four aspects of management.

1. Strengthen labor protection skills training

Business leaders through the study of relevant laws and regulations, to accept training in safety management knowledge, establish a sense of safety responsibility, master advanced safety management methods. Professional safety management personnel through the training of dangerous point training training, a clear business focus on prevention goals. Through the use of labor protection products, workers use knowledge to train and master the skills of correctly selecting and keeping labor protection shoes.

2. Establish and improve labor protection supplies management system

Labor protection shoes management system should be based on the principle of effective, to improve the content, clear objectives, clear responsibilities, daily tracking assessment in place. To ensure that problems arise, we can provide written and evidence of all aspects of effective.

3. Establish standard operating procedures

Safety work is a systematic project, which chain may be broken lead to accidents. While it is important for workers to wear PPE in their work, it is more important to establish standard operating procedures and operate strictly in accordance with operating procedures. Such as: height operations and the following personnel should be used when passing the rope tools, not to be thrown, workers wearing anti-smashing at work puncture and other special labor protection shoes.

4. Strengthen temporary operational safety management

Repair and other temporary operations, time constraints, unfamiliar environment, often prone to accidents. Enterprises should be organized before the operation of workers identify all possible risk factors, risk factors for wearing protective equipment and then work. Do not risk work without labor protection or proper protection.

Safety is no small matter, the correct wear protective gear, even if only a pair of labor protection shoes, it can also reduce some of the work injury, to protect your personal safety.

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