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Protect the toe shoes in the design of what stress?

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Protect the toe shoes in the design of what stress?

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Toe shoe

Foot protection toe shoes belong to a more special kind of shoes, it contains a high technical content, from design, raw materials, production and processing, equipment and testing packaging, etc. have very strict requirements. Protecting toe shoes in the design is very important, very particular, not so casual. So today Xiaobian tell you about the protection of toe shoes in the design of what stress?

1, before the design to help face the short toe protection of shoes, remember to help increase the site after the waist to help with the design of the feet, so do not feel strenuous to walk, as with the band or packet with the foot to help design.

2, full design to help when the shoe, the last face to control the length of the front face of the shoe - mouth position control point, its front face length can not exceed the position of the door, so as to facilitate the foot movement.

3, after the help of the seam in addition to high waist, boots, short shoes to help control the height of the seam in the future. In particular, because the leather shoes shoes are the main root, if the heel is too high, then it will wear feet.

4, after helping the inside and outside the high ankle in the general design of the short help shoes, to help postpone the curve, have to control its height, otherwise the card will wear ankle injury foot skin, pay attention to the medial malleolus than the outer malleolus.

5, the mouth position control located in the instep motion of the bending parts can not be too narrow, otherwise it is difficult to take off.

6, to control the post to help both sides of the sandal position, improve the upper carrying capacity of the heel.

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