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How important is protecting toe shoes at work?

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How important is protecting toe shoes at work?

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Toe shoe

Now, protecting the toe shoes is already one of the necessary labor insurance products for some companies. The protection of toe shoes has anti-mite, anti-piercing, anti-slip function, and special posts also have anti-static and insulation functions, which play a good protection role.

At present, the protection of the toe shoes on the market is no longer like the big shoes that everyone once said. It has evolved into something that looks like outdoor shoes and casual shoes. Everyone can wear them at any time and it will not feel ugly. The Dream Tote protects the toe shoes with an imported pierced-in cloth with a piercing resistance of 1100N. The toe is made of plastic material and resists to 200 joules. The shoes become lighter, more comfortable and well received by consumers. Loved it.

Our company received a letter of commendation from a company that has been using our protective toe shoes. On February 25, the factory employees went to work and a desk with a weight of 5 tons was lifted by a crane. After all the work was ready, the crane was started and the table was lifted. However, a cable was hanging on the table. One of the employees took the accident. At this time, an accident occurred. The workbench leaned. There was a corner that struck the place and fell on his feet. Others were already scared to the ground and his face was pale. The supervisor quickly closed it. The crane, down to view, the place has been pulled out of the pit, his half foot stuck in it, others are thinking, this is over, the foot is estimated to be disabled. I saw the manager slowly unlocking his shoelaces and slowly pulling his feet out of the shoes. His feet were only a bit bad and he had nothing at all. Everyone came to comfort him. Fortunately, the company has protective toe shoes, or else this account is accountable, and we must wear protective toe shoes in the workshop.

From this accident, the importance of protecting the toe shoes can be seen. Protecting the toe shoes protects the toes, prevents company losses, and causes employees to lose their feet. They lose their jobs and cause problems to their families. Therefore, if you go to work in the workshop, you must wear protective toe shoes to protect your safe work!

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