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What are the functions of labor protection shoes?

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What are the functions of labor protection shoes?

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Labor protection shoes

Labor protection shoes are different from ordinary civilian shoes. It can have one or more protective functions, such as: anti-mite, anti-puncture, anti-static, anti-slip, acid and alkali, insulation, oil resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance, and waterproof.

Anti-mite performance - The toe cap for protecting toe labor protection shoes can be made of steel material or composite material. The latest national standard GB21148-2007 standard (labor protection shoes) requires that it has both static pressure resistance and impact resistance. The static pressure is 15KN, and the toe can withstand 200 joules of impact.

Anti-puncture performance - can withstand a maximum of 1100N puncture force, protect the sole of the foot from sharp objects.

Anti-static performance - anti-static shoes, the resistance value range of 100KΩ-1000MΩ, mainly applicable to electronic, flammable and explosive work environment.

Non-slip performance — The non-slip pattern specially designed for soles can effectively improve the grip performance and greatly improve the non-slip performance.

Acid and alkali resistance performance - can be used in the presence of a small amount of acid and alkali solution environment, in line with GB12018-89 standard requirements.

Insulation performance - 1 minute test at 6000 volts test voltage, leakage current less than 1.8 mA. It can be used in the working environment where AC 50HZ, 1000V and below or DC 1500V and below.

Oil resistance — According to the oil resistance standard test, the volume increase is not more than 12%. If the volume does not increase but shrinks, the shrinkage is greater than 0.5% of the original volume or the hardness increase is greater than 10 (Shore A), and the flexion growth of 40,000 times per GB/T 3903.1 is not greater than 7 mm.

Cold-proof performance - Cold-proof labor protection shoes are used for protecting the feet of workers in outdoor operations in winter or in low-temperature environments in the north to avoid frostbite.

Wear resistance - PU has very good wear resistance, but also much lighter than rubber bottom, so it is widely used in a variety of environments.

Waterproof performance — Mainly used in ground water or splashed water.

In addition to the above functions, there are many kinds of special labor protection shoes used in special industries, such as heat-insulating shoes in high-temperature operation environment, shoes used in food processing industry, and so on.

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