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What are the aspects of protecting the toe shoes price gap?

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What are the aspects of protecting the toe shoes price gap?

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Toe shoe

What is the difference between protecting the brand of toe shoes and the price? The price of protecting toe shoes is mainly determined by the main raw material of the shoes + the function of protecting the toe shoes + the fine workmanship + the brand image of the labor insurance shoes established by the company. The selection of various raw materials for protective articles is very important, in different Workplaces and workers can use a variety of different materials in the use of the environment.

The main components of the raw material for protecting toe shoes are concentrated in three major parts: the upper, the inner and the sole.

1, upper

There are many leather materials for the manufacture of uppers, mainly artificial leather and natural leather. Natural leather usually has buffalo leather, pigskin, sheepskin, yellow leather, etc. These are high in price, and are usually used for producing high-grade leather shoes, which are comfortable and breathable when worn, and have superior folding-resistant performance. The protection toe shoes produced by Feihe Footwear are made of high-quality first-grade leather, which is not degummed, and has a constant bottom and breathable comfort.

2, inside

The materials used in the manufacture of shoes are mainly divided into inner leather and BK cloth. The leather inner design is more breathable, sweat-absorbent and wear-resistant than BK cloth.

3, sole

The manufacture of soles is based on different functions and uses different materials. At present, the commonly used materials are polyurethane (PU), plastic sole (PVC), EVA+ rubber combined soles, natural rubber soles and so on, and sometimes the sole performance (such as Better wear resistance will combine these materials with each other, such as combining polyurethane (PU) and rubber to make the sole more wear resistant. In particular, shoe soles with special functions, insulating shoes or anti-static protection toe shoes need to be manufactured according to their functions. For example, electrostatic shoes must require the shoe soles to meet the national standards for anti-static protection toe shoes.

Different labor insurance shoes brands, fine workmanship, different combinations and functions of raw materials determine the difference in the price of shoes, may be almost the same type of protection in the market on the toe shoes, but the price may vary greatly, this is this area The reason, so consumers must consider when buying shoes, not necessarily the most expensive is the best, depends on the specific work environment and protection needs of workers to make the best choice. It is true that China’s most classic old saying “a penny and a price” is definitely not the best. The best one is definitely not cheap. Relatively speaking, it depends on the cost performance of the whole pair of labor insurance shoes.

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