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What are the common materials for flood prevention shoes? How to choose?

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What are the common materials for flood prevention shoes? How to choose?

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Safety shoes and protective shoes are collectively referred to as anti-smashing shoes, and generally refer to footwear worn in different workplaces to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable injuries. With the advancement of science and technology, many industries need to wear anti-smashing shoes for construction, and the comfort of anti-smashing shoes is gradually increasing, including its appearance. Here we take a look at what are the common anti-mite shoes material and how to choose.

First, what are the materials for flood prevention shoes?

1, upper

Uppers are mainly made of leather and leather. Generally speaking, the first is leather, and the leather is divided into a layer of leather and two layers of leather. The characteristic of leather is that the pores of the leather surface are small, round, even and tightly distributed, and the leather surface is bright and smooth. The texture is full and delicate, and the appearance is smooth and soft. The texture of the hand is firm and flexible. If you squeeze the leather hard, small folds appear.

There is also a leather upper: leather is a generic term for synthetic materials such as PVC and PU, also called imitation leather or rubber. It is produced on the basis of textile cloth or non-woven fabrics, and is made of various formulas such as PVC and PU, etc., by foaming or laminating. It can be based on different strengths, wear-resistance, cold-resistance, color, luster, and pattern. Patterns and other requirements for processing, with a variety of colors, waterproof performance, neat side, high utilization rate and the price is cheaper than the leather.

2. Sole

The rubber sole is currently used on the market. Rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber according to raw materials and is a highly elastic polymer material with reversible deformation. With oil, acid, high temperature and other characteristics.

Anti-smashing shoes

Second, how to choose shoes?

With regard to the selection of flood prevention shoes, in addition to the selection of materials for flood prevention shoes, the most basic one is to select qualified products. Because the flood prevention shoes belong to the special labor protection products regulated by the Bureau of Safety Supervision, only the flood prevention shoes with the three certificates and one standard are qualified products; if there is no flood prevention shoes with the three certificates and one standard, it means that it has not passed the approval of the Safety Supervision Bureau. In principle, it cannot be used, even if it is a foreign brand product with foreign certification.

There are many types of anti-smashing shoes. Different anti-smashing shoes have different targets to meet different requirements and environments. Therefore, anti-smashing shoes are mainly selected from three aspects: special performance requirements, comfort and price.

Starting from these three aspects, you can basically choose a more suitable anti-smashing shoes. Of course, we must also pay attention to the choice of material for flood prevention shoes. The above is a brief introduction about the common materials of anti-smashing shoes and how to choose them. It is hoped that they can help people who are not well understood in the labor protection industry.

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