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If labor protection shoes are worn out, what are the solutions?

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If labor protection shoes are worn out, what are the solutions?

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Labor protection shoes

Labor protection shoes are protective and protective shoes for all workers engaged in heavy industries such as machine manufacturing, construction sites, railway construction, coal mining, mold production and other front-line workers. Newly bought labor protection shoes, wear always like to wear the feet, even if it is hundreds of thousands of brand-name labor protection shoes are sometimes the case, making workers wear very painful!

According to the experience of many years of production, there are several tips to solve the new labor protection shoes grinding feet and pinching feet to share everyone here. The new labor protection shoes are the two most easily worn areas. One is the heel and the other is the outer side of the big toe.

1. Use a wet towel to rub your feet on the protective footwear area for a few minutes. Then take a soft dry towel to wrap your feet, knock a few times with a hammer, knock the flats on the feet, and soften the cortex. After the peace and the whole will not wear the feet.

2. Take a newspaper and knead it into a ball. Sprinkle with water. Don't be too wet. But make the whole group stained with water. Then take a dry newspaper and wrap the wet newspaper, stuff it in the squeezed area and seal it. Stay overnight in a plastic bag.

3. If the labor protection shoes are too small and pinch their feet, use a wet towel to dampen them, and then use the shoe wedges to hold them up.

4. Before wearing protective shoes, take a block of soap (usually with a candle) and apply a thin layer on the part that touches the heel most of the time. The shoes will become smooth and no longer wear. .

5. Regardless of where you scratched your feet, you'll put a little white wine on the feet and make sure you don't grind them.

6. The newly purchased labor protection shoes are worn on the feet, and the hair dryer can be used to blow and soften the parts of the heel and the front presser foot.

7. Go to the supermarket and buy a heel sticker. Follow the instructions above and paste it on the line. Not only do not wear ankles, but also make labor protection shoes more close to the feet, very good.

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