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Research and Classification of Labor Protection Shoes Safety

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Research and Classification of Labor Protection Shoes Safety

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Labor protection shoes

Labor protection shoes, also known as protective safety shoes, are classified into common basic functions and are generally classified into three types: tamper-proof labor protection shoes, puncture-proof puncture-proof labor protection shoes, and electrical insulation labor protection shoes (withstand voltage> 6 kV).

The labor protection labor protection shoes and the steel head labor protection shoes are the same type, that is, the protection of the toe's safety labor protection shoes, the main function is to prevent the falling objects from injuring the feet.

Anti-piercing labor protection shoes are used for foot protection to prevent being stabbed by various sharp objects.

According to the specific use of the occasion and labor protection shoes, there are other points:

Oil-proof labor protection shoes are used for oil or splash oil on the floor area;

Waterproof labor protection shoes are used in the workplace of water or splashing water.

Cold-proof labor protection shoes are used to protect the feet of cryogenic workers from frostbite.

The main function of the steel-making labor protection shoes is to prevent burning, ironing and thorn cutting. It should be able to withstand a certain static pressure and withstand a certain temperature, and is not flammable. This kind of labor protection shoes is suitable for smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on.

Yesterday I saw an article saying that probably meant that a Yinchuan worker accidentally put his foot on the equipment track and was squeezed by the equipment while working in the workshop. At that time, the workers wore labor protection shoes, and under great pressure, the protection shoes had a steel toe cap that misaligned the toe, and opened his mouth to bite the worker’s toes. Later, they were sent to the hospital with the help of firefighters. .

There are many kinds of labor protection shoes, but the quality of most labor protection shoes is mainly classified according to two aspects.

1, the classification of the soles, divided into pu and rubber bottom.

2, upper leather, embossed leather and suede.

The same leather can be divided into the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin, the quality is not the same, the price is not the same.

Therefore, the labor friend can choose according to the quality of soles and uppers when choosing labor protection shoes. There is a benchmark in his heart.

From this perspective, the majority of workers and friends must always pay attention to their own personal safety when working. Be sure to choose your own labor protection shoes. Do not think that you can be careful when you work. Some dangers can happen under unpredictable circumstances. Even in the protection of labor protection shoes should also pay attention to their own safety.

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