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Domestic flood prevention shoe market research two major directions

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Domestic flood prevention shoe market research two major directions

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First, pay attention to their own branding

Today, domestic anti-smashing shoes companies are increasingly focusing on branding. The most influential enterprise is the brand effect after all, and the flood prevention shoe company is no exception. It is no exaggeration to say that only a shoe brand with a loud brand is likely to become the real king in the industry. For decades, domestic brands such as Anbang, Tongbang, and other well-known first-line footwear brands have emerged and they have had a huge impact in the industry.

It is enough to see that when the tide of global trade has already had quality, price, and brand success, today's shoe sellers should adjust their marketing model through changes in the situation. The creation of its own brand seems to be striking, so it seems that this decision is imperative. Shoe merchants should not only research Zhan Zhuo, but also understand the market conditions, understand the consumer's pursuit of footwear products, abandon the traditional sales outlets, open up new models, such as widening the product sales surface, selling from a single shoe Various kinds of supplies, such as advertisements using soft papers, from character endorsements to word promotion and other channels. Actually, brand manufacturing is not a simple surface symbol. It also takes a qualitative change in product quality, technological upgrading, health and environmental protection, etc. This model will sooner or later straddle.

Second, win market with brand value

In the form of fierce market competition, winning the market with brand value is still a good choice. Taking the old domestic “back force” as an example, Pull Back has been committed to winning the low-end market and has been fighting for it for decades. With good reputation and good results, it has gradually become the leader in the low-end footwear market.

Obviously, in a time when resources are strained and competition shifts to quality, China's shoe companies need to reshuffle their cards more. They should work harder on the business model, efficiency, and product quality than on price wars and resource wars. When a company develops to a certain degree, how new goals can be achieved, how can we get healthier and continue? It is a question that every export shoe company must think calmly. To improve quality is to make our country truly become a strong shoe country. Footwear products should not only meet national standards, but also should pay attention to comfort, aesthetics, and safety. We should do more development under this study, so that outsiders can easily grab our handle. It is believed that after the reshuffle, those shoe-making enterprises with technological content and core competitiveness will emerge from the competition, and will become more competitive and more competitive through integration.

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