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Matte leather protective shoes for cleaning and maintenance

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Matte leather protective shoes for cleaning and maintenance

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Labor protection shoes

The matte leather is a shoe material obtained by processing the leather to expose the uniform and uniform leather fiber tissue and dyeing it, because the delicate texture gives a heavy warm feeling, and also makes this shoe material most often in the winter season. Seen on the boots.

Labor protection shoes sanding leather is a more delicate kind of shoes, the so-called delicate, not that the shoe texture is not good, but because the matte skin is very easy to contaminate the dust, needless to say light series, including black, brown this The color is also dirty and has no discussion. It must be revealed. There is no room for hiding. After wearing the shoes, the fibers on the surface will gradually fall off, the leather will become smooth, and it will be incongruous with the rough matte around. Affect the appearance.

Matte leather protective shoes how to clean and maintain it?

If the matte leather protective footwear is contaminated with dust, do not rub it with a damp cloth. This will wipe the area of the dust more. The best way is to use a large, soft brush to lightly brush or gently lighten the upper and dust gently. If the stain is difficult to remove, use a damp cloth to remove the stain by tapping it gently. This will not cause the stain surface to continue to expand. Do not wear shoes with frosted skin in rainy and snowy weather. A large area of wetted shoes will be difficult to handle, and the cortex will harden.

If you are not sure that you can get the matte skin, please send the shoes to the shoe repair shop for maintenance. Of course, you can also apply the shoe powder that matches the color of the safety shoes evenly on the surface of the shoes. The excess part can be brushed off with a soft brush.

Matte leather safety shoes need to pay attention to some maintenance

Need to be stored for at least 1 day to dry, to ensure the protection of dry shoes under the protection of the case of storage work, or shoes with moisture, shoes easily get moldy in the shoe box. When buying shoes, do not throw away the paper pack attached to the shoe box. When storing shoes, you need to put these paper balls back into the shoes to play the same supporting role as the shoe stays to prevent the shoes from deforming in the shoe box; if it is long Boots should remember that a cylinder made of pure cotton T-shirts on a boots race can not only play the role of supporting the shoe, but also prevent moisture, and it is better than supporting with a hard object. After putting the shoe into the shoe box, it is best to use the paper in the shoe box to wrap the shoe box so as not to cause the leather surface to be damaged due to the friction between the shoes. The desiccant is put into the shoe box, and finally the shoe box is finally stored in a cool and dry place for storage.

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