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Smart manufacturing personalized protection toe shoes let us rest assured to help the elderly who fell

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Smart manufacturing personalized protection toe shoes let us rest assured to help the elderly who fell

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In the 2017 “One Belt and One Road” cultural exchange activities, each guest received a personalized “Guo Li” shoe produced by robots. Each pair of protective toe shoes is an exclusive and personalized product. In other words, each person's protection toe shoes have different patterns and different patterns. Each country’s elements are expressed in different patterns.

Personality customization has also entered the era of intelligent manufacturing. Rapid, large-scale, low-cost is the trend of intelligent manufacturing personalized customization. The "National Li" shoes were undertaken by Fujian Renxing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Learned through their interviews. They are preparing to launch an intelligent, custom-made protective toe shoe for Chinese senior citizens and children.

As we all know, China is entering an aging society. China is also implementing the "two-child" policy. The proportion of middle-aged people and children in China will increase significantly. However, in the current society, old people are falling and they are worried that they will help raise troublesome embarrassment. This is too different from our great country and five thousand years of civilization.

Let's our company is in its "R5X Ren Xinghang" APP, and launch a product that can customize the QR code on the protection of toe shoes. Everyone protects the QR code on the toe shoe is exclusive and unique. Old people or children wearing two-dimensional code to protect their toe shoes, once encountered accidents. Everyone in the vicinity can help them to contact the family guardian through WeChat scanning. The principle of this product is such that each of the two-dimensional codes is bound by the family guardian in advance to bind the mobile phone number to the two-dimensional code. But binding does not require real name information. So there is no risk of leakage of information. When scanning by WeChat, the scan coder needs to take a photo of the scene to facilitate the identification of the family guardian. The communication between the scan coder and the guardian is carried out through the cloud rescue platform. The two parties do not rely on the mobile phone to communicate. The mobile phone information of each other will not be leaked. Afterwards, the family guardian will send a thank-you red envelope to the scanner. Scanners will also be included on the platform as "China Well-Being".

A small two-dimensional code, as a result of intelligent personalized customization technology, has become a protector of vulnerable groups. Let everyone avoid the worry of "touching porcelain" when doing a good job.

The old man falls. If we ignore it, it is morality that falls. Let us work together to help our consciences and let vulnerable groups live in a more caring society!

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