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What are the precautions for using anti-smash shoes?

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What are the precautions for using anti-smash shoes?

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Smash shoes

Anti-smash shoes generally refer to footwear worn in different workplaces that protects the feet from foreseeable injuries. Anti-smashing shoes belong to high-skilled and high value-added footwear products. The production process of anti-smashing shoes has high requirements for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, and mechanical equipment. At present, many domestic footwear with certain scale and grades The company has turned its sights on safety footwear, a market area that was previously occupied by developed countries.


1. In terms of national standards, qualified products that meet the national standards for safety shoes, the state enforces the Three Guarantees policy, cuts off the bottom, cross section, and sells the plastic within three months after the sale.

2. In actual operation, the use period of safety shoes mainly depends on the working environment used by the safety shoes, the user's use status, and the environment is good. The use of low strength can be worn for one to three years. The environment is bad for the deterioration of the factory, electroplating workshop because of corrosion Extremely strong for three months is almost the same. Therefore, the basic replacement of safety shoes does not have any hard rules. The main considerations: safety performance, comfort, quality. According to different uses, the factory in the procurement of safety shoes when the actual situation to choose, cheap 60-80/double, but the material is almost always some of the more complex leather, and some are beautiful, but in less than a month, it is basically not like, so it is recommended not to buy too cheap safety shoes. Click to view source Page 100-200 is the mainstream of the market in the price range. General manufacturers have a national inspection certificate, and some insurance companies underwrite. Safe and reliable, remember not to be cheap but at the expense of employee safety.

3. According to the wide application of flood prevention shoes in the market, the demand is large and the quality of flood prevention shoes on the market is uneven. At present, the main production areas of China's safety shoes are: Wenzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the terminal market is Shanghai. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Dongsan provinces and other industrial manufacturing cities 3.1 Types of safety shoes-Selection-Maintenance The anti-smashing shoes and the steel-toe shoes are the same type, that is, the safety shoes that protect the toe. There are many types of foot safety protection, such as protecting the toe, piercing, insulation, acid and alkali resistance. The use of safety shoes, oil-proof shoes for the use of ground oil or oil splash place; waterproof shoes for the ground water or splash of water in the workplace; cold shoes for the cryogenic workers foot protection, to avoid frostbite. Anti-puncture shoes are used for sole protection to prevent them from being stabbed by various sharp objects. The main function of anti-smashing shoes is to prevent falling objects from injuring the feet. The front of the shoe has impact resistant material. The main function of steel-making shoes is to prevent burning, hot-spotting, and piercing. They should be able to withstand certain static pressures and withstand certain temperatures and be non-flammable. These shoes are suitable for smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on. In addition to the above, there are some special shoe covers used, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum film cover and so on. The selection and maintenance of protective footwear The selection of protective footwear should be based on the hazardous nature of the work environment and the degree of harm. Labor insurance shoes should have product certification and product specifications. Before use, read the instructions in accordance with the conditions used, and use it correctly. Special protective shoes should be inspected and kept clean after use, and stored in a dry, pollution-free place.

Safety shoes selection and use:

(1) In addition to the selection of a suitable type of protective footwear according to the operating conditions, the protective footwear should also fit well and be comfortable to wear. This is important. Carefully select the appropriate shoe size.

(2) The protective shoes must have a non-slip design, not only to protect the person's feet from harm, but also to prevent the operator from being accidentally caused by slipping.

(3) All kinds of protective shoes with different performances must meet the technical specifications of their respective protective performances, such as the toe not being injured, the soles not being stabbed, the insulation conductive, etc. But safety shoes are not everything.

(4) Carefully check or test before using protective shoes. In electrical and acid-base operations, damaged and cracked protective shoes are dangerous.

(5) After the protective shoes are used, they should be properly kept. After the rubber shoes are used, they should be washed with clean water or disinfectant and dried to prolong their service life.

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