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Protecting Toe Shoes as the New "Focus" of EU Footwear Notification

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Protecting Toe Shoes as the New "Focus" of EU Footwear Notification

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In 2017, the EU REPAX system announced a total of 50 footwear product notifications, a year-on-year decrease of 9.09%, of which 31 cases originated in China, accounting for 56.36%, an increase of 12.7%. The notified products included protection of toe shoes, adult shoes and children's shoes, of which 22 were protected toe shoes, which accounted for 44% of the total number of notifications. In addition to the decrease in 2016, the proportion increased year by year, becoming the new focus of footwear notifications. 16 cases of shoes, accounting for 32%; children's shoes in 12 cases, accounting for 24%.

Judging from the reasons for being notified, there are risks of trauma, chemical risks, and asphyxia risks. Including 24 cases of traumatic injury, accounting for 48%, including 21 cases of protective toe shoes with less impact resistance, protection of toe shoes against mechanical risk, non-slip fashion shoes and ski boots fall prevention in 1 case each; chemical risk in 23 cases, accounting for 46% , Including six cases of hexavalent chromium, azo dyes, nickel release exceeded and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in 1 case each; Asphyxia risk in 3 cases, accounting for 6%, for children's shoes in the easy-to-shedding small parts.

From the point of view of the notified countries, a total of 11 countries have the same level as last year, with Ireland and Spain reporting the most, accounting for 52% of the total notification volume, and Ireland, France and Estonia reporting increases of 1400%, 300% and 200%, respectively. Hungary and Spain experienced large declines of 93.75% and 32.14%, respectively. In 2017, the newly notified countries were Belgium and Greece, and the Czech Republic and Italy did not notify.

From the point of origin of the notified product, in 2017, 47 products were notified of the origin of the product, involving 11 countries or regions, of which 31 were in China, accounting for 65.96%; 4 were in Portugal, accounting for 8.51%; 3 were in India, accounting for 6.38%; In Austria, there were 2 cases, accounting for 4.26%; Poland, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, the Netherlands, Turkey, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, China each accounted for 1.13%. Another 3 cases of unknown origin.

Judging from the notification measures, it can be divided into economic measures and government measures. Economic measures included 32 cases, accounting for 64%, including product recalls and withdrawals, product recalls, product destruction and withdrawals, and market bans; government measures in 18 cases, accounting for 78.18%, a decrease of approximately 42 percentage points, including a ban on entry 9 For example, five products were withdrawn from the market, three product recalls and one product recall were withdrawn.

In summary, the risk of protection of toe shoes has become a new key item in the EU footwear notification in 2017. Companies need to be vigilant, while hexavalent chromium and children's footwear components can not be ignored; although the sources of EU footwear notification tend to be diverse However, China is still the “stricken area” for footwear notifications; in 2017, the EU notified measures to take economic measures as its priority, but Spain, Belgium and Bulgaria and other countries remained relatively tough, especially in Spain. Larger, once found unqualified, entry is prohibited.

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