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The railway maintenance work needs to wear anti - Smash shoes

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The railway maintenance work needs to wear anti - Smash shoes

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Smash shoes

For the maintenance workers on the railway every day, they should pay more attention to their safety work and require them to improve their safety awareness in their work and study, and to wear safety articles properly, such as wearing safety helmets and breaking shoes, so that it is necessary to protect themselves well. This not only ensures that railway maintenance work is more standardized and programmed, but also prevents the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

Railway maintenance because of the complex environment, the need to prevent smashing shoes with smashing function, because it can effectively protect the foot from the weight of the weight of the screw, the function is in the shoe installed with a certain impact of the internal Baotou, the inner Baotou is placed between shoes and shoes, and the end of the Baotou, adding sea cotton, both can make Baotou and The upper part of the shoe is smooth, and it can increase folding resistance and comfort.

Smash shoes

There may be nails, glass dregs and sharp mechanical objects on the ground. It is necessary to wear anti - piercing anti - smashing shoes, because the sole can effectively protect the nails from the foot. The function of puncture prevention is to prevent the foot from being hurt by putting steel sheets above the sole and preventing all kinds of sharp and rigid objects from piercing the sole.

No matter the anti smashing shoes with anti smashing functions, or the anti smashing shoes with anti puncture function, the single function anti smashing shoes can not meet the work protection of the railway maintenance workers, and the two kinds of functions simultaneously have the anti smashing and piercing and smashing shoes, which can not only protect the railway maintenance workers, but also allow them to work more safely. Don't worry about foot safety.

At the same time, for the maintenance workers working on the railway, they need to deal with the railway for a long time, regular maintenance of the railway, often encounter sudden dangerous conditions in the operation, so it is necessary to wear anti smashing and anti piercing and smashing shoes to cope with the changeable complex operation scene.

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