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The difference between anti-smashing shoes and ordinary shoes is mainly reflected in the 3 points and how the design of anti-smashing shoes is more eye-catching.

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The difference between anti-smashing shoes and ordinary shoes is mainly reflected in the 3 points and how the design of anti-smashing shoes is more eye-catching.

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Smash shoes

Anti-smash shoes and ordinary shoes difference:

1. From the design concept to see the difference, anti-smashing shoes are designed to protect the safety of the operator's feet, so the primary factor to consider when designing is safety. More common shoes are considered beautiful, comfortable, stylish, lightweight, etc., just to cater to the needs of consumers.

2. From the perspective of the use of the place: the majority of the use of anti-smashing shoes are in the plating shop, construction site, large-scale machinery manufacturing plant and other specific workplaces. Ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping and some public places such as offices where there is no major danger.

3. From the shoe itself to make materials to see the difference: ordinary shoes generally use ordinary materials, such as textile fabric materials, artificial leather, etc., and anti-smashing shoes must use good insulation material, electrostatic material, the first layer of leather, resistant High temperature and other special materials. Not to mention the soles, most of the ordinary shoes are tendon bottom, from the current market point of view, flood control shoes are using rubber or PU bottom.

The impression that the anti-smashing shoes give people is stupid and heavy, so when designing, it needs to change other factors such as appearance. How to design anti-smashing shoes is more attractive?

One is a fine vision. Designers may create similar footwear styles in the market. This is also inevitable. Therefore, we need to design more elaborate designs and create unique models on the market to quickly seize the market.

The second is the brand vision of flood prevention shoes. The brand is a symbol of the product's maturity. When designing, it will mark its own shoes. This is a brand culture charm. Especially for the brand of anti-smashing shoes, the design not only needs to consider the weight, comfort, appearance and other factors of the shoes, but also the brand style and quality of the footwear design brand to create the brand culture of anti-smashing shoes.

The third is the vision of flood prevention shoes. In view of the current ever-changing market and complicated information, companies or flood control footwear designers need to collect, analyze, absorb, and digest these information in a timely manner, so that they can better grasp the market demand and design a type of flood prevention shoe that meets the needs of the market. Popular style.

Anti-smash shoes selection and use conditions:

1 after the use of anti-smashing shoes should be properly kept, rinse with water or disinfectant and dry, in order to extend the service life.

2. Carefully check or test before using flood-proof shoes. In electrical and acid-base operations, damaged and crack-proof shoes are dangerous.

3. Anti-smashing shoes should have a non-slip design, not only to protect people's feet from harm, but also to prevent accidents caused by the operator being slipped.

4. All kinds of different performance of anti-smashing shoes, to achieve their respective protective performance of technical indicators, such as the toes are not injured, the soles are not stabbed injury, insulation and other conductive requirements.

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