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Matters needing attention when protecting the development of toe shoes

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Matters needing attention when protecting the development of toe shoes

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Toe shoe

Due to the frequent international anti-dumping trade protection measures, the international economy and trade are at a low point, coupled with rising domestic labor costs and raw material prices, and the appreciation of the renminbi, China's footwear industry is in a cold winter. In particular, the protection of toe shoes companies faces the dilemma of falling profits and reduced orders. In addition, the small-scale production enterprises in China's footwear industry, excess production capacity, unregulated domestic market, and backward marketing methods all restrict the development of shoe enterprises. Therefore, China's shoe enterprises are facing a critical period of industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading.

The market for protecting the toe shoes is undergoing changes, slowly infiltrating the young labor force. However, most of the safety is very heavy and the young people prefer the popular style and younger shoes. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of young people, shoe companies adopt new technologies and new materials. Some shoes have lost about half their weight. Some people want to ask whether the shoe is lighter than if the steel baotou has been cut corners. In fact, the shoes are light because the inner sole and the outer sole have changed, and the steel baotou still remains unchanged. The insole and outsole are made of synthetic materials, and more mesh materials are used on the upper. This way, the shoes are not only comfortable, but also beautiful, and the quality has not dropped.

Although the traditional protective toe shoes have durable performance, but it takes a long time, the feet will feel comfortable, and now the new protection toe shoes not only has the durability, wear does not require a run-in period, just began to wear It will be very comfortable.

At present, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, the product prices are becoming more transparent, and the industry is beginning to become saturated. To maximize profits, many factories use artificial experience to monitor and ignore the machine testing requirements in the production quality process, causing many products to fail. The stability of the product cannot be guaranteed. Shoe enterprises should pay attention to the management of the enterprise while paying attention to the improvement of technology. The protective toe shoes thus produced have high quality and high added value.

Whether a company can be based on the market for a long time, in addition to having high-quality products, but also have high-quality services. When there is a problem between the enterprise and the consumer, when a conflict of interest arises, a good after-sales service can balance the contradictions between the two sides, and it will not damage the interests of the enterprise while at the same time obtaining benefits for the customer.

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