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Labor protection shoes damage faster? Are you paying attention to these details?

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Labor protection shoes damage faster? Are you paying attention to these details?

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Labor protection shoes

The lifespan of labor protection shoes is generally only 1-2 years, but some people use less than six months to reimburse, then this should be attributed to the quality of the shoes? This is actually not the case. The materials used in labor protection shoes are relatively expensive. Therefore, in the process of use, it is necessary to maintain the shoes to make the functions of the shoes last longer.

Leather production and protection shoes go through a series of production lines when they are produced. When the production is completed, the maintenance of the shoes themselves is almost consumed, and many people have a habit of thinking that nothing is needed when the shoes are new. After the tube is used, the shoes are used directly. This is actually wrong. When you get the protective shoes, you should reapply it with a layer of shoe polish, then put it on for a day and start to wear it. This can protect the leather of the shoes. material.

To develop a good habit of changing shoes regularly, labor protection shoes can not be worn every day, because such long-term work will accelerate its degree of wear, if the work needs to wear protective shoes every day, it is best to prepare two pairs, take turns use.

Labor protection shoes should also pay attention when cleaning, it is best to use the water to soak the labor protection shoes for a period of time, so that you can dilute the stains, and then clean the relevant cleaning agent, water, do not use hot water or boiling water After the cleaning is completed, the labor protection shoes should be put in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally, or be dried with a hair dryer, which avoids exposure to sunlight or sunlight.

Labor protection shoes are best maintained once a week, use six months when the labor protection shoes should be tested to ensure that the indicators are qualified to continue to use. Of course, if the test is unqualified, it cannot be used anymore, because such shoes are no longer able to better protect safety.

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