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Importance of labor protection shoes

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Importance of labor protection shoes

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Importance of labor protection shoes

The first thing we may think of is safety helmets, seat belts, gloves, and safety shoes and protective boots, which are often ignored. As a matter of fact, the workers are usually in the lowest part of the job position in the use of tools, operating machines, handling materials, and so on. They are always exposed to heavy, hard, and angled objects at any time so that they are crushed, stamped or crushed; on the other hand, the body will lose balance if the foot is not stable. Disrupting normal working posture may cause accidents. In view of this, the safety equipment for protecting feet is particularly important. It is possible to prevent foot injury by selecting the right protective footwear according to the working conditions. But do you have a pair of "safety shoes"?

Do you know the function of labor protection shoes?

At present, the common labor protection shoes include: safety shoes, insulating shoes, anti static and conductive shoes, steelmaking shoes and shoe cover, cold proof shoes, etc., as well as the soles suitable for road builders, suitable for reinforcement of the sole of construction workers, suitable for food and moisture proof shoes of the brewers. The function of labor protection shoes is mainly set for working environment and conditions, and generally has the function of anti slip, anti piercing, and anti extrusion. In addition, it has specific functions, such as anti-corrosion, corrosion prevention, etc.

Why do some workers wear slippers at work?

Without a helmet, in the case of accidental injury, the injury is the head, it is likely to cause serious damage or even death; but without labor protection shoes, the injury will be much lighter and rarely endanger life. It is for this reason that the correct wearing of labour protective shoes is often ignored by workers.

When they went to the construction site for inspection, they found that many workers were wearing shoes and even slippers when they went to the construction site to inspect the construction site. According to the regulations, the workers of the construction site must wear protective toe safety shoes according to the work needs. Because of the shoes with ladle, the shoes can effectively avoid external injuries such as hard material pressure injury, metal stamp injury and so on. But the shoes or slippers worn by workers can not protect the toes at all.

As a result of the lag of concept and other reasons, the individual protective equipment is ignored by most people, especially the protection of hand and foot, which seems to have nothing to do with the safety of life. Some workers think that work clothes and shoes and hats are just for uniform dress, or the way of unit welfare.

One of the problems that restrict the development of China's labor protection shoes is the cost of shoes. As far as the current background is concerned, the price of the enterprises that buy protective shoes is still at a relatively low level, and the low price determines the cost of the product, which leads to the quality of the cheap labor protection shoes.

In fact, our country has not ceased to close to the EU standards and ISO standards gradually in the individual protection equipment, but with the progress of the society, the variety and quality of the individual protective equipment are getting higher and higher. This provides the space for the development of the individual protective equipment products, and also puts forward higher requirements for its standard.

The standard of safety shoes and protective shoes is very different from the original standard. It mainly embodies the single function of the shoes involved in the original standard, but because the workplace is very complex, the field protection of the foot should be versatile; the new standard adopts the international standard, that is, the ISO standard, which is the same as the European standard. In addition, safety shoes and protective shoes have added additional functions on the original basis. Professional shoes, mainly for toe less protection shoes, reflects a comprehensive protective function, higher than the current domestic standards.

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