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Professional analysis of impact test method for anti smashing shoes

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Professional analysis of impact test method for anti smashing shoes

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Smash shoes

They are also called steel head shoes. Although they are different, they belong to the same type of protective shoes. They are specially designed to protect the toe type protective shoes. When the shoe is designed and processed, the front Baotou of the shoe has anti impact material. It can prevent the operator from smashing the foot when it is in the work. So it says the resistance to the shoe is resistant to the shoe. The measurement of impact properties is very important. How to detect the impact resistance of anti smashed shoes?

The shock resistance test of anti smashed shoes mainly uses safety shoes impact testing machine. The test methods are as follows:

1. the operator can be trained by professional and technical personnel before going to work.

2. connect the right power supply and check whether the safety hook of the safety shoe impact tester is in working condition.

3. put the test special clay in the central axis of the steel head shoe.

4. put the test toe cap on the chassis of the impact tester, and then use the special clamping device to fix it.

After the 5. sample is installed, the safety hook is opened.

6. adjust the travel switch of the test machine, so that the impact head of the safety shoes impact tester will slowly rise to the required energy level.

7. press the test button to make the impact head fall freely on the steel head shoes.

8. press down button, so that the lifting board can be lowered to the impact head.

9. take out the test clay in the steel shoe shoe and measure its height, which is the time gap at the time of impact.

There are many kinds of safety shoes, which have the same protection of foot. They are used in different workplaces. They can protect the toe from piercing, compression, insulation, antistatic, acid and alkali resistance, cold resistance, antiskid, heat-resistant, anti cutting, etc.

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