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What are the rules for the use of labor protection shoes?

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What are the rules for the use of labor protection shoes?

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Labor protection shoes

The labor protection shoe is a kind of safety shoe which can bring protection to the foot, it is also used in many workplaces, and its production and production are realized according to the strict standard. Then there must be a certain standard in the use of labor protection shoes. What is the norm?

The labor protection shoes of our country are divided into several kinds: anti oil, anti static, anti smashing, acid and alkali prevention, anti slip, anti puncture and so on, and the place where the oil protection shoes are used on the ground is usually the ground with oil or the place of splashing oil, because these oily substances are very slippery, so the shoes can be prevented. A slipping accident happened. In addition, there are waterproof and cold resistant labor protection shoes, waterproof performance shoes are used in ground area water or splash water, and cold resistant shoes are used in low temperature workplaces to prevent the foot from being frostbite.

The prevention of piercing the labor protection shoes is mainly to protect the sole, prevent the foot from being stabbed by the sharp hard material, and the shoes in front of Baotou have anti impact material, so when there is a heavy weight fall, it can play a certain buffer and protect the foot from being smashed. In addition to this, the steelmaking site also has special labor protection shoes. The function of this shoe is to prevent the foot from being burned and stabbed, to withstand a certain temperature and not to flammable.

The selection of labor protection shoes should be determined according to the harm nature and harm degree of the working environment, and this protective product must have the certificate of product and the instructions of the product. Before using it, we must jump in to read the reservoir according to the use, and make clear the correct use method, if it is special. Labor protection shoes should be inspected and kept clean after use.

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