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How to make the labor protection shoes deodorizing ten techniques

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How to make the labor protection shoes deodorizing ten techniques

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Foot odor affects not only emotions, but also the burden of foot odor and even a sense of inferiority. So, why does labor protection shoes stink? This is because the heart is sweaty. The center of the foot has 620 sweat glands per square centimeter. There are only 143~339 other parts of the body, that is to say, palm and foot are several times more than the sweat glands of other parts. When people's activities increase, the weather is sultry, nervous, eat hot spicy food, sweat will be secreted. In addition to moisture and salt, sweat also contains lactic acid and urea. Under the condition of sweating, the bacteria on the feet proliferate and decompose keratin, plus urea and lactic acid in sweat, which gives off a bad smell. If the wear is very hard to cover the tourist shoes, shoes, leather shoes, air does not circulate, the smell will accumulate more thick, once loose shoelaces, this smell will come on the face. Sometimes a day in a large amount of activity, the sole of the foot appeared taste, it is unavoidable to touch the shoes, how to deodorizing shoes, the following to recommend some common methods.

1. alcohol has bactericidal effect and is very effective in eliminating the odor of labor protection shoes. You can go to the drugstore to buy a bottle of medicinal alcohol, pour it in the dish, dilute it with water, dip it in a paper towel, and blow it gently on the insole with a light towel.

2. use the camphor pill to remove the shoe odor, take a slightly hard piece of paper, wrap up the camphor pill, find a tool to crush it, sprinkle the camphor pill powder evenly in the shoes, put the insole on it, and a pair of shoes can be about one camphor pill, so that the shoes can keep dry and the shoes will disappear.

3. charcoal can also deodorant. When the shoes are not worn, a piece of charcoal can be removed to remove the odor. Before wearing shoes, put the gauze with a little lemon juice or perfume into the shoes, and also remove the stink from the shoes.

4. soda powder can be used in shoe odor method, and a small amount of soda powder is removed directly into boots, sports shoes, or often worn and easy to smell and damp. Under the effect of soda powder, it absorbs moisture and odor, and soon you will have a pair of dry shoes.

5. half of the semi rubber shoes (sports shoes, shoes, etc.) after washing and dry, spray liquor (new rubber shoes can be directly sprinkled) until it can not be absorbed, and then dry, that is, can remove the rubber shoes often some odour.

6. garlic + vinegar and then heat the water, soak in the basin to cool the water. Because the garlic has bactericidal effect. Dry tea. Dry tea leaves (soaked) can also be put into the shoes to remove odor.

7. deodorization of copper products: we can also use copper keys to deodorizing! Because copper products have the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria! In the evening, throw a string of copper keys into the shoes, and the smell of the shoes in the early second days will run light! Of course, it is possible to replace the suitable copper products with other sizes.

8. every night before bedtime, dip the cotton cloth in a little alcohol, evenly apply it to the newly removed shoes, and then wear it after second days in the morning. After two weeks' persistence, shoes will not smell bad.

9. alum powder deodorization method can buy alum powder to the Western pharmacy, pour some alum powder into the shoes, and also achieve the effect of deodorizing.

10. cut the pomelo peel into two cm wide strips into the shoes. Quietly waiting for a period of time, labor protection of the smell of shoes can be cleaned up. This is because the aromatic factors in the peel of the grapefruit are volatilized. This is a natural deodorant, and the pomelo skin is very thick and very fluffy. It is spread with many pores and is adsorbed. Sweaty feet are also very important to keep their feet dry and comfortable, besides washing their feet frequently and changing socks to keep their feet dry and comfortable. People used various methods to eliminate odor, germs and dampness in shoes. To make shoes no longer stinky, the first foot should be cured, followed by keeping the shoes dry, when they do not wear the sun in the sun, or in the ventilation, it is better not to wear wet shoes.

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