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What is the effect of the double double shoe sole of the labor protection shoe

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What is the effect of the double double shoe sole of the labor protection shoe

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Labor protection shoes

At present, the double shoe sole has become the most convenient and best solution in the combination of labor protection shoe sole material. Through the wear resistance and anti slip performance of the outer bottom, the sole is protected. The comfort of walking is realized through the soft and soft characteristics of the middle bottom.

From this point of view, the current best combination is RU/PU, using rubber (RU) to make the outer bottom, the polyurethane (PU) as the middle, and then bonding the outer bottom and the bottom through the adhesive or chemical bonding function and the bonding function of the PU itself. Of course, we can also polish, polish and carve the outsole of labor protective shoes.

There is also a combination of sole materials, namely PU/TPU (polyurethane / thermoplastic polyurethane and).

The outsole made of thermoplastic polyurethane is extremely tough and wear-resistant, medium bottom is made of polyurethane, comfortable and convenient to wear, and the use of thermoplastic polyurethane to make shoe outsole satisfies the needs of contemporary designers.

This is because the sole made of TPU can produce bright colored soles, and the carving process on the sole can also be varied.

Another kind of double-layer sole made of PU/PU (polyurethane / polyurethane) material. The sole and sole of the two sole are all made of polyurethane. At the bottom, special polyurethane materials must be selected.

The wear resistance and the method characteristics of the outsole should be maintained; for the midsole, the foamed polyurethane must be selected for comfort consideration.

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