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What are the uses and proper maintenance methods for toe protection?

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What are the uses and proper maintenance methods for toe protection?

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Toe shoe

1.New protective toe shoes are used to protect leather before using it for the first time.

2. before spraying, remove shoelaces to ensure that all concealed parts and gaps, especially hidden parts near the tongue, can be sprayed.

3. special dirty shoes, wash the mud and stains with brush and a little warm water, recommend the use of special toe shoe cleaning lotion. After cleaning, spray the protective spray adequately (clean the pores on the leather and prevent the spray from closing the pores).

4. spray the protective spray when the toe shoe is fresh or wet, and it needs to be fully dried for 24 hours. At the same time, regular cleaning can prevent moisture and stains from stranded on the leather, which is very important, because the leather with moisture or stains will lose its permeability.

5. apply leather care cream (including wax composition) on the shoe leather, and use the hair dryer to heat the emulsion quickly to penetrate the pores of the leather so as to restore the leather's softness. Please pay attention to the distance and time when using the blower (at least 30cm or more, up to 3 seconds).

6. the maintenance milk containing the wax composition can make the skin and the skin of the cow slightly darker and gently brush with high quality brush to restore the appearance of the skin. And the face and wax are more easy to retain the original appearance, and are more easy to refuse water and refuse pollution.

7. note: do not use oily or oily cleaning and maintenance emulsion. Although the oils and fats can soften leather, shoes will lose their hardness, and the pores of leather will be blocked and the air permeability of toe shoes will be lost.

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