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The market prospect of antistatic shoes and the cause of yellowing of shoes

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The market prospect of antistatic shoes and the cause of yellowing of shoes

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Antistatic shoes

Antistatic shoes have been widely used in the electronic workshops and other industrial fields, as an indispensable part of electrostatic protection.

However, in the daily life, static electricity has a great harm to the health of the body. It has been confirmed by medical experts that the skin static interference can change the normal potential difference of the body surface of the body and affect the normal electrophysiological process of the heart. This static electricity can cause the patient to aggravate the condition, the lasting static electricity will also make the blood alkalinity increase, cause the skin pruritus, the pigmentation, influence human body physiological balance, disturb the person's mood and so on.

The reason for the yellowing of the antistatic shoe sole

We all know that antistatic shoes are integrated with antistatic clothing. Finally, the body's static electricity is released to the earth through the contact between the sole and the ground. Anti static shoes protect the safety and health of the production workers and ensure the quality of the products. Then, if the sole of anti static shoes has yellowing phenomenon, will it affect the performance of antistatic shoes?

In fact, the reason why the antistatic shoes are yellowed is the material of the sole, which is made of PU material. U is a polyurethane material. It is easily degraded after exposure to the air. It will turn yellow hydrolysate for a long time and slowly turn to light yellow. As the time goes on, the sole will become more and more yellow. The color of the shoes of the antistatic shoes is different from that of the yellow ones, which is due to the different habits of the people wearing them.

PU material is the main material for the production of antistatic shoes. It has the advantages of low density, soft texture, good elasticity, comfort, light and so on. It is suitable for the staff who need to stand for a long time. The disadvantage is that the sole is easy to yellowing, which does not affect the antistatic performance of antistatic shoes. If the sole is yellowing, it is still safe to use.

The probability of facial diseases, such as erythema, pigmentation, and so on, is much higher than the non - computer, because the static electricity generated by the computer screen attracts a lot of suspended dust, causing the face to be irritated.

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more attention is paid to the harm of static electricity in people's life. Wearing anti static shoes is one of the important preventive measures.

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