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Instructions for the use of toe shoes

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Instructions for the use of toe shoes

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Toe shoe

1. product protection toe safety footwear implementation standard GB21148-2007 "personal protective equipment safety shoes", the protection toe protective footwear implementation standard GB21147-2007 "personal protective equipment protective shoes" according to GB/T20991-2007 "personal protective equipment shoe test method" for testing.

2. the category of products is:

Protect the toe safety shoes (SB), protect toe protective shoes (PB) shoe head at 5 + 2mm/min speed apply pressure to 15kN, 10kN to maintain 1min, or the impact energy of the shoe head to withstand 20kg impact hammer after 200J and 100J impact, respectively

3. points for attention:

A) protection of toe safety shoes (SB) for metallurgical, mining, forestry, port, loading and unloading, stone mining and other operations; protection toe protective shoes (PB) for machinery, construction, petrochemical, electronics, food, medical, textile industry and fitter and other operations. Toe protection shoes can only be used in the specified range of impact resistance and pressure resistance, and can only be used as auxiliary safety appliances. When wearing, avoid contact with sharp instruments as far as possible. After heavy pressure or heavy smashing, the deformation of Baotou can not be used as toe protection shoes.

B) toe shoes with no special description are suitable for wearing at ambient -25 ~+55 C.

C) if shoes are removable insoles, the test is done when the insole is in place.

Warning: the insoles and insoles can only be used in the proper place instead of the same insoles provided by the company, and the addition of insoles will affect the protective performance of the shoes.

4. to avoid direct sunlight, rain and dampness during transportation and storage. The storage tank should be well ventilated, dry, mold proof and moth prevention, stacked away from the ground, wall 0.2m above, do not contact with acid, alkali, other corrosive or toxic and harmful articles.

The 5. product preservation period is 2 years. The shoes for more than 2 years should be sampled by 2 per thousand and 2 pairs are sampled at less than 1000 pairs. The test items are the external bottom folding resistance, the wear resistance of the outer bottom, the strength of the shoe upper / outer bottom, the pressure resistance and the impact resistance of the shoes, and the test qualified to protect the toe shoes for sale and use.

6. leather shoes maintenance:

A) to clean the shoe polish. Clean the shoe polish before cleaning. First wipe the dust on the surface of the leather with clean soft cloth. Avoid washing with water and contacting with chemical solvent. Then evenly spread the oil, wipe, rub the oil, stop for about 5 minutes, then use the brush or silk to polish the upper.

B) leather shoes have a strong ability to absorb sweat. Sweat from shoes can cause moisture in the shoes. This environment can easily breed bacteria. Timely replacement of shoes can make water vapor and sweat fully distribute, and protect the physiological functions of leather shoes and feet. A pair of leather shoes should be worn every other day.

C) keep dry and avoid wearing on rainy or snowy days. In case of rain or snow water, dry cloth should be dried immediately, and shoe polish should be rubbed. Insolation and roasting will cause the grease inside the leather to evaporate quickly, making the leather hardened, causing the leather fibers to become crisp and break easily. If the sweat and moisture in the shoes are heavier, they can be dry in the sun, or dry in the dry place, or next to the cool air or dry with a hairdryer.

D) this leather shoe has strong oil resistance, but it should not be soaked in oil, especially the upper.

E) to remove dirt, sludge and dust promptly and conscientiously. Then hit the shoe carefully. In the collection, shoe polish can not be painted too much, too much paint and long storage time, but the skin is crisp. When you collect, you should apply a little raw chicken oil, lard or glycerin, so that the leather will remain soft and moist without deformation.

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