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5 factors for the production of toe shoes

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5 factors for the production of toe shoes

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Toe shoe

1 protection of toe shoe last

The design of toe shoe last protection can be said to be the most important thing to protect toe shoes. The size of the last determines whether the toe shoes are comfortable to wear. A good shoe last must not only be designed carefully, but also the shoe last shoe should be tested repeatedly.

2 protect the structure of toe shoes

Besides, if a designer is not very clear about the physiologic size of the foot, such as the toe, enclosure, pocket, the position of the ankle, the standard size, the good idea and the thinking are also white. If there is no understanding of the process, the structure of the design is not very reasonable, it will also seriously affect the wearing of the toe shoes. Moderate and useful life, in the use of materials and color matching will also seriously affect the protection of toe shoe life and market competitiveness.

3 to protect the sole of toe

Besides, people with certain experience in shoe design know that the bottom design is the most accurate dimension. In the basic design, the error of some parts in the design is 0.2mm, the error produced by the step is also difficult to produce, or can not be produced by the production. The life and comfort of the toe shoes.

4 Protection of toe shoes

The design of the perfect toe shoe, if it can not be transformed into a finished product shoe, is equal to zero, so the production process must take into account the actual production conditions, ensure smooth production, no serious technical barriers, and the production of protective toe shoes have no serious design quality problems.

5 protective toe shoe function test

The production of toe shoes is based on a certain function, from design and trial to production. All finished toe shoes must have safety protection function. If the function is not qualified, it is a pair of ordinary leather shoes. Therefore, it is very important to protect the function test of toe shoes. It is necessary to test and test the protective toe shoes to be strictly tested and the qualified products can be safely shipped.

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