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Detailed explanation of technical standards for anti smashing shoes

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Detailed explanation of technical standards for anti smashing shoes

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Smash shoes

Anti smash shoes generally refer to footwear worn on different occasions to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable harm. Anti smashing safety shoes belong to high volume and high value added shoes. The toe protection shoes are made in Baotou, made of leather or other materials to protect the toe from injury.

1. General technical requirements

(1) structure: the steel inside Baotou; shoe head inner pad; shoe upper; shoe eye; shoelace; shoe ear; shoe waist; heel skin; heel heel; shoe waist; shoe rear pad; insole; inner (chamber) bottom; core filling; front sole and so on.

(2) outer thickness: direct pressure, vulcanized, sticky outer bottom thick (not containing tooth thickness) not less than 4mm; full rubber and full polymer boots full layer thickness not less than 6mm, tooth thickness (pattern) not less than 3mm, the height of other materials is not less than 2.5mm, the thickness of any part of the outer sole without pattern (tooth) shoes. The degree is not less than 6mm.

(3) appearance quality: there shall not be any obvious defects, such as the disability of the side, the color and lustre, the parallel line, the line, the broken line, the unevenness of the needle code, the glue, the sulfur, the sulfur, the sulfur, and the skew of the inner Baotou.

Two. Safety performance

(1) pressure resistance: cut the toe from 25mm in the back of Baotou (3mm). The platform is placed on the platform of the pressure tester with an indication error of 1%. Put a high 35mm, 22mm diameter rubber cylinder in the toe of the shoe. Then 5mm/min (2mm/min's speed is applied to the required force, 1min continues, and the force is restored to zero. Remove the compressed rubber mud and measure the height with caliper. The lowest position is the measured value. Its value should be in accordance with the regulations.

(2) impact resistance: put the inner Baotou shoe head and cylindrical rubber mud under the impact machine, fixed the shoe head, lifting the impact hammer (23kg (0.2kg) to the required height and the free falling body to impact the shoe head. Remove the rubber clay and measure it with calipers. The value should be in accordance with the regulations.

(3) the pressure resistance and impact resistance of inner Baotou: the test method and the shoe head test method are the same, but the deformation interval of Baotou in the post test should be less than 22mm.

(4) corrosion resistance requirements in Inner Baotou: due to sweat and moisture, it can corrode Baotou and affect the quality of shoes. Therefore, the internal Baotou should have corrosion resistance. The requirement is to use two white filter paper (wide 100m, long 150mm), one end of which is immersed in 1%NaCl solution, and the other end on top and bottom of Baotou. After 48h, filter paper was removed to check the trace of NaCl corrosion in Baotou, and the area of each spot (mm2) was measured. The corrosion spots should not exceed 5 points, and each spot should not be greater than 2.5mm2.

Three, product classification

1. according to material material: (1) cow gloss against smashing shoes; (2) cashmere face breaking shoes; (3) pig suede anti smashing shoes; (4) piglets against smashing shoes; (5) white canvas against smashing shoes. (6) rubber face against smashing shoes

2. according to the technology, (1) injection shoes; (2) adhesive shoes; (3) moulded vulcanized shoes; (4) thread stitching shoes (5) composite process adhesive thread sewing shoes. At present, the technology suitable for safety shoes is mainly injection pressure, molding and gluing, while the single seam is less.

3. model specification

There are four types of shoes for toe protection: low back, high waist, half tube and high tube. According to the size of toe cap resistance and impact resistance, it can be divided into five grades, such as An1.An2.An3.An4. and An5. There are three types of shoes: type three, type three and type four, with specifications of 22~28 1/2.

Four. The characteristics of the making of the shoe scale

The inner Baotou (from the edge to the back end of the tip to the inner Baotou and the horizontal distance of 40 to 60mm, high 35mm, and the edge greater than 3mm) is placed between the shoe and the shoe, and the end pad of the inner Baotou is added with a sea cotton strip, which can both make the Baotou and the upper part of the shoe smooth and increase the folding resistance and comfort. Use the sponge roll at the back of the shoe to protect the ankles and wear comfortably.

Five, anti smash shoes quality inspection, anti smashing shoes is the product of the national production license.

1, comprehensive determination principle: external bottom folding, wear-resistant, shoe peel strength, shoes compression resistance and impact resistance must be qualified, other items allowed unqualified number must not exceed 2 items, otherwise judged to be unqualified.

2. Sample test:

The inner Baotou inspection is in conformity with the sample, and the appearance quality, corrosion resistance (only metal in Baotou), compression resistance and impact resistance are checked. Among them, compression resistance and impact resistance must meet the requirements, and other items allow no more than one item, otherwise it will be unqualified.

The main function of anti smashing safety shoes is to protect the feet from falling objects. There are anti impact materials in the front of the shoe in Baotou. The main function of steel-making shoes is to prevent burning and scalding, and should withstand certain static pressure and certain temperature and flammability. This kind of shoe is suitable for smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on. In addition to the above, there are some special shoe covers, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum film shoe covers, etc.

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