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The importance of wearing protective shoes for workers in large machinery repair plants

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The importance of wearing protective shoes for workers in large machinery repair plants

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Many factories maintain mechanical maintenance on a regular basis for the maintenance of large machinery and equipment, and some small mechanical components will be maintained without affecting their continued use. But in mechanical maintenance, we should pay attention to the problem of safety protection, wear appropriate labor protection shoes, do a good job safety protection from practice, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, and ensure the safety of the workers.

Some mechanical objects need to be cleaned with oil or grease when they are repaired. In this way, when the workers work, it is easy to clean the oil stains and pollute the upper. Some are not careful and easy to slip. And the oil resistant safety shoes are the sole and the insole with anti oil material, which will not be dissolved by oil, have excellent repellent to oil and safety shoes on the grease ground.

Some mechanical maintenance parts need chemical reaction to check the disinfection equipment. If they are not carefully sprinkled on the feet by acid or alkaline liquid when they are not wearing the safety shoes for labor protection shoes, the foot damage will be caused. And acid and alkali safety shoes are safety shoes with acid and alkali resistance, used in acid base and corrosive environment to protect foot and prevent acid and alkali chemicals from injury.

Repair machinery needs to be carried out in a flat and non - clutty site. If other debris on the ground is stacked or with sharp corners with sharp metal objects, the staff of the staff may be at risk of being pierced. The anti puncture function is to put steel plates above the sole to prevent the safety of shoes from being hurt by all kinds of sharp and hard objects piercing the sole.

Because of the serious consequences of mechanical maintenance injury accidents, such as smashing by machinery, puncture, rolling and so on, daily work to ensure that mechanical equipment does not occur accidents, not only repair mechanical equipment work itself should meet the safety requirements, but also more importantly, the operator Yan Gezun's safety operation regulations are required.

Wear personal protective equipment correctly, wear appropriate functional protective shoes according to their own work needs, such as wearing anti puncture and puncture safety shoes in mechanical maintenance, and the workshops which need to be cleaned when the machinery oil stains are more, and so on. And the wearable must be worn, and should not be worn. For example, when mechanical maintenance is still in operation, it is necessary to wear protective cap or safety gloves to prevent unnecessary injury.

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