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An introduction to the analysis of labor protection shoes

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An introduction to the analysis of labor protection shoes

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Labor protection shoes

Labor protection shoes are a kind of shoes that have safety protection function on feet. It has many kinds, such as toe protection, puncture prevention, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, etc. The selection of labor protection shoes should be carried out according to the harmful nature and harm degree of the working environment. Labor protection shoes should have product certificates and product manuals. Before use, we should read the instruction manual according to the conditions of use, and use it correctly. Protective footwear for special protection should be inspected and kept clean after being used.


According to the protective performance of the shoes, China carries out the classification of labor protection shoes, including anti static shoes and conductive shoes, insulation shoes, anti smashing shoes, anti acid alkali shoes, oil proof shoes, antiskid shoes, anti prickly wearing shoes, cold proof shoes, waterproof shoes and other special shoes.

1. Antistatic shoes and conductive shoes

In order to prevent the human body with static and causing accidents, the conductive shoes can only be used in the place where the electric shock is not very dangerous. In order to ensure the effect of eliminating the static electricity of the human body, the bottom of the shoe must not stick with insulating impurities, and it is not suitable to wear high insulation socks.

2. Insulation shoes (boots)

It is used for the protection of electrical workers to prevent electric shock accidents in a certain range of voltage; insulation shoes can only be used as auxiliary safety equipment, and the mechanical properties must be good.

3, prevent smashing shoes

The main function is to prevent falling objects from damaging the feet, and the shoe purse heads have impact resistant materials.

4, anti acid and alkali shoes (boots)

For the ground with acid base and other corrosion liquid such as acid base splash, the base and skin of the acid and alkali shoes (boots) should have good acid alkali resistance and permeability resistance.

5. Anti piercing shoes

It is used for plantar protection to prevent stab wounds from various hard objects.

6. Steelmaking shoes

The main function is to prevent burning soup and stab cutting. It can be kept at a static pressure and a certain temperature, and it is not inflammable.

7, anti oil shoes (boots)

A place where oil or oil is spattered on the ground.

8, cold proof shoes (boots)

It is used for foot protection of low temperature workers to avoid frostbite. Cold proof shoes (boots) have no heat source and heat source type two types, the former is such as cotton shoes, fur shoes (boots), and the latter, such as thermal shoes (boots), usually use fuel (such as oil, carbon) heating as a heat source.

9. Waterproof shoes (boots)

A workplace for ground water or splashing water. The variety has industrial and mining waterproof shoes, salt beach shoes, aquaculture boots, transplanting boots and so on. These boots require wear-resisting, anti skid, anti piercing and so on, and the glue of aquatic and salt beach boots should be salt corrosion resistant.


(1) in addition to the selection of suitable types according to the operating conditions, labor protection shoes and boots should also fit the feet and make people feel comfortable. This is very important. We should carefully select the appropriate number of labor protection shoes.

(2) protection should be designed with skid resistance, not only to protect human feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by slipping of operators.

(3) a variety of different performance of the labor protection shoes, to achieve their respective technical indicators of protection, such as the toe is not broken, the foot is not stabbed, insulation and other requirements.

(4) the use of labor protection shoes should be carefully inspected or tested before. In electrical and acid-base operations, breakage and cracked labor protection shoes are dangerous.

(5) labor protection shoes should be kept properly after use. Rubber labor protection shoes should be washed and dried with water or disinfectant after use, so as to extend the service life.


Labor protection shoes are more suitable for winter wear. Workers are often used.

1, shoe type: (abbreviation: type), that is, the length and width of shoes, and whether the width of the shoes is exactly the same as that of the feet?

2, vamp: can the softness of leather be naturally and affixed when walking.

3, shoe state: can the whole shoe state stick to feet instead of hitting feet, loose but not elastic and elastic?

4. Internal pads: whether we have correctly adopted vibration absorption function, sweat absorption function, massage function and health care function.

5, internal: whether we have correctly chosen breathable function, waterproof function, warm keeping function and environmental protection functional material.

6, sole: selection for regional, and the use of various conditions in different levels of the configuration of bottom material and skid requirements, such as: a good environment with relative skid, portable base material, slow vibration function outstanding. The outdoor environment is enhanced by skid resistance, wear resistant base material and under harsh environment. Subdivided into: white collar, blue collar, salary, administrative industry, light industry, heavy industry, site construction industry, tourism, service industry, etc.


Impact resistance of Baotou

The impact test is carried out with a steel impact hammer with a specified weight. The height of the gap in Baotou under the impact of Baotou should be less than the specified value, and there should not be any penetrating cracks in the direction of the test axis in Baotou. It is worth noting that the weight, specifications, impact height and the structure of the test machine are different in the national standards, and the actual test should be distinguished.

Anti piercing performance

The test machine is equipped with a pressure plate, and the test board is equipped with a test nail. The test pin is a cutting head, and the hardness of the nail head should be greater than 60HRC. The sole specimen is placed on the chassis of the test machine. The position can make the test nail pierce through the outer bottom, and the test nail pierces the sole at the speed of 10 mm/min + 3 mm/min until the maximum force is recorded until the penetration is penetrated. 4 points on each sole are selected for testing (at least 1 points in the heel). The distance between the points is not less than 30mm, and the distance from the bottom edge is greater than 10 mm. The bottom of the anti slide block should be punctured between blocks. The 2 points in the 4 points should be tested at a distance of 10-15 mm from the edge line of the planting floor. If humidity affects the results, the soles should be soaked at 20 degrees C or 2 degrees before testing.

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