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What are the anti - smashing shoes in the design?

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What are the anti - smashing shoes in the design?

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Smash shoesAnti smashing shoes are a special kind of shoes. It contains high technical content. It has very strict requirements from the aspects of design, raw materials, production and processing, equipment and inspection and packaging. Anti smash shoes are very important in design. They are very particular and not so casual. So today, Xiaobian tells you something about the design of anti smashing shoes.

1, in the design before the design of the face short anti - smashing shoes, remember the middle waist to increase the heel design, so you do not feel hard to walk, such as strip or small bag heel, hold the foot help design and so on.

2. When the shoe is full, the length of the front face of the shoe should be controlled on the last face - the control point of the door position. The length of the front face can not exceed the position of the door, so that it is beneficial to the movement of the foot.

3, after the middle of the seam is high except for high waist and tube boots, the shoes of the short Gang should control the height of the middle seam afterwards. Especially leather shoes because leather shoes have a main root, if the heel is too high, they will wear their feet.

4. The rear side of the ankle is high in the design of the general dwarf shoes. After delineation of the back curve, the height of the ankle should be controlled. Otherwise, the ankle bone will be worn to damage the foot skin, and the medial malleolus bone is more than the outer ankle bone.

5. The position of the door is not too narrow in the instep exercise, otherwise it will be difficult to get rid of it.

6, we must control the position of both sides of the post on the sandals and improve the carrying ability of the upper to the heel.

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