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Supervision and use of labor protection shoes

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Supervision and use of labor protection shoes

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Labor protection shoes

In order to further strengthen the supervision and management of labor protection supplies, ensure the safety and health of the employees, effectively curb the production safety accidents caused by the use of counterfeit and shoddy labor protection articles and the use of labor protection articles, the Dalian Safety Supervision Department door is in accordance with the special law enforcement line of labor protection supplies. In the area of jurisdiction, a special supervision and inspection on the production, operation, distribution, management and use of labour protective articles should be carried out within the jurisdiction.

The focus of this special action is: a key industry: construction sites, car repair, labor protection supplies, and sales units. Two key protective products: safety helmet, safety belt, safety net, dust mask, gas mask, anti impact eye protection, special work clothes (anti static, acid proof, flame retardant), safety shoes (anti static, insulation, smash, puncture, acid and alkali).

This activity strengthens the supervision and inspection of labor protection articles in the circulation field, prevents the counterfeit and shoddy labor protection articles from entering the market, and effectively protects the legitimate rights and interests of the production and operation units and visits the lives and health of the staff and workers.

Labor protection shoes for ground area of oil or oil splashing place; waterproof labor protection shoes for ground water or splash of water in the workplace; cold proof labor protection shoes for low temperature workers foot protection, in order to avoid frostbite.

Anti piercing labor protection shoes are used for plantar protection to prevent stab wounds caused by various sharp and hard objects.

The main function of anti breaking labor protection shoes is to protect the feet from falling objects. There are anti impact materials in the front Baotou of labor protection shoes.

The main function of steelmaking labor protection shoes is to prevent burning and scalding, and should withstand certain static pressure and certain temperature and flammability. This kind of labor protection shoes are suitable for smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on.

In addition to the above, there are also some special protective cover for labor protection, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum protective material cover and so on.

Selection and maintenance of protective labor protection shoes. Selection of labor protection shoes should be carried out according to the harmful nature and harm degree of the working environment. Protective labor protection shoes should have product qualification certificates and product manuals. Before use, we should read the instruction manual according to the conditions of use, and use it correctly. Protective footwear for special protection should be inspected and kept clean after being used.

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