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Identification method of anti smashing shoes

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Identification method of anti smashing shoes

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Smash shoes

Identification method of anti smashing shoes

(1) check the shoe upper and the insole. After selecting the style and color of the anti smash shoes, check the material that is used to prevent the smashed shoe upper. To distinguish between genuine leather or fake leather, it is cowhide, pig skin, sheepskin or other leather. The surface of the cowhide is smooth, finely and with high strength. The surface of pig skin is larger and coarser, and its appearance is not as good as that of cattle leather. Leather leather feels astringent and leather is smoother. There are close layers of skin and leather fiber in the cross section of leather leather, and the leather has no leather fiber only cloth or synthetic material, and it has the smell of chemical raw materials. Good quality anti smashed shoe upper leather should be fine and bright, with the same color as the same parts, no color difference and no disability. Finger pressing surface is not loose, the coating layer does not fall off and does not crack; the material to prevent shoe smashing should also be natural leather and preferably sheepskin leather. Anti smashed shoe lining requires soft and soft, uniform thickness, and is not easy to fall off and fade. The anti smashing shoe products of SENAS Shoes Co., Ltd. are made of imported cowhide with fine, smooth upper surface and good air permeability. It is a good anti smash shoe product.

(2) check and prevent the sole of the shoe. Anti shoe sole materials include rubber, plastic, rubber and plastic, materials, polyurethane, natural leather and so on. When purchasing, check whether the bottom is flat, whether the pattern is clear, use nails to press lightly against the sole, should be flexible, not too hard, and do not peel off. Otherwise, it is to prevent the bottom of the shoe from being covered with low glue, too much use of reclaimed rubber filler, easy to break, not durable.

(3) check and break the heel. Anti heel should be installed firmly and smoothly, and should not be deformed or loosened by hand. Middle, high heel proof shoes should pay more attention to the quality identification of smashing heel. It can be put on the counter flat on the counter. It should be smooth and the heel face should be all exposed to the table. The hands should not shake and the heel should be the same with the high heel.

(4) check the heart. Hook core is a key component that is used to support the stereotype between the outsole and the bottom of the labor protection shoe, and can not be seen from outside. When buying, put the anti smashed shoes on the firm table, press the hook center vigorously, and the quality products should not be soft or deformed. On the other hand, it shows that the quality of the heart is inferior, and the position of its waist will be protruded or deformed after wearing, making the foot feel extremely uncomfortable, walking pain, affecting health, and even injury of the feet.

(5) check the main heel and Baotou. The main heel is the key part of the rear help setting, which is installed in the heel to prevent the screw from the shoe upper and the insole. Baotou is a broken shoe fixing part, which is installed between the front and the smashing shoe. Check, with the finger press the main heel and Baotou, high quality anti smashing shoes should stand press, use hand into the anti smashing shoes to check the installation position, whether it is correct, if it can directly touch the main heel, Baotou material, it shows that the process is bad.

(6) after the quality check, pick up the shoes that are suitable for the characteristics of their feet. The height of the outer side of the short waist smash shoe should be below the external ankle bone. It must not touch the ankle or ankle.

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