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Small common sense for protecting toe shoes

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Small common sense for protecting toe shoes

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Smash shoes

First, consumers should choose the types of toe shoes according to different workplaces. In the 5 protective performance grades of protecting toe shoes, high level protective toe shoe products have high pressure and impact resistance in front of the toe shoes, and the protection of the toe is good. So the more the toe is easy to be crushed or crushed and the more serious the injury is, the more high level protective toe shoes should be selected, and the other is the higher toe shoe. Some toes that may be broken or hurt or are less likely to be seriously injured are low - level toe shoes, because the high level shoes generally have high prices, heavy wear and poor comfort. Therefore, appropriate toe protection products should be selected according to the characteristics of the operation. Generally speaking, An1 is suitable for wearing in metallurgical, mining, forestry, port, loading and unloading and quarrying; An2 is suitable for wearing in machinery, construction, petrochemical and other working places; An3 is suitable for wear in electronics, food, medicine and other industries; and An4 to An5 products can be selected in the workplace of textile industry.

Two, consumers can choose toe shoes with different prices, patterns and materials according to their needs. Usually, the leather shoes are new, light, and the outer bottom is made of polyurethane material, which is wear-resistant, and the price is more expensive. The sticky shoes are a traditional production process with a long history. The price is different according to the pattern and material. The price of the bottom shoes of the car is cheaper, and the price of the bottom of the tire is also depending on the pattern and material. In addition, the breathability of injection shoes and adhesive shoes is poor, and the sewn shoes have better breathability and are more comfortable to wear.

Three, when the consumer is buying and buying, first of all, we should confirm whether the manufacturer of the product has a national production license issued by the state (not needed for imported goods) and a certificate of safety mark certification. On the basis of this, see if the product has the name and address of the manufacturer, the number of production license, the safety sign certification number, the production date, the product standard number, the product qualification certificate and the instruction manual, and the special attention to see if the name of the product (or the "toe protection"), the shoe number and the protection on the shoes are also paid special attention. Performance level. In addition, the distributor should be required to produce the inspection report of the batch products and check the validity period.

Four, consumers should check the appearance quality when purchasing. Can see whether the side of the side have disability, color and lustre, and line weight needle, jump needle, broken line, needle code unevenly; whether the bottom of the bottom is open, off line; whether the sole has sulphur, sulfur, sulfur, or not in Baotou.

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