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Use time and use of anti smashing shoes

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Use time and use of anti smashing shoes

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Smash shoes

Anti smash shoes generally refer to shoes worn to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injuries at different working occasions.

Time limit editing

1. in terms of national standards, qualified products in accordance with the national standards of safety shoes, the state compulsory implementation of three packages of policy, broken bottom, cross section, after three months after the replacement package.

2. in actual operation, the use period of safety shoes mainly depends on the working environment used for safety shoes. The user can use the condition, the environment is good to use low strength for one year to three years. The environment is bad, such as chemical plant and electroplating workshop, because the corrosiveness is very strong for three months.

So the replacement of safety shoes is basically no hard rules. The main consideration: safety, comfort, quality. According to the different uses, the factory is choosing the actual situation when purchasing safety shoes, the cheap 40-80/ double, but the material is almost leather, the appearance looks beautiful, but less than two months, the safety shoes are basically unlike, So do not buy too cheap safety shoes. 100-200 price range is the mainstream of the market. Generally, there is a national inspection certificate, and some insurance companies are insured. It is safe and reliable.

Selecting and using editors

(1) in addition to choosing the suitable type according to the operating conditions, the anti smashing shoes should also fit the feet and make people feel comfortable. This is very important, and the appropriate shoe number should be carefully selected.

(2) anti smash shoes should be designed with skid resistance, not only to protect human feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by slipping of operators.

(3) all kinds of anti - smashing shoes of different properties should meet the technical indexes of their respective protective performance, such as the toe is not broken, the bottom of the foot is not stabbed, and the insulation and electricity are required. But safety shoes are not everything.

(4) the use of anti smashed shoes should be carefully inspected or tested before. In electrical and acid-base operations, breakage and cracked protective shoes are dangerous.

(5) to prevent smashed shoes should be properly kept after use, rubber shoes should be washed or dried with water or disinfectant after use, in order to extend the service life.

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