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Dream job. Change yourself to two pairs of labor protection shoes.

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Dream job. Change yourself to two pairs of labor protection shoes.

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Labor protection shoes

1. Safety shoes

The safety leather surface is detailed, the pores are dense and small, the epidermis is thin, the fibers are thin, and the weaving is firm and firm.

Leather shoes are the best quality and high value leather shoes. The cattle hide is divided into yellow cowhide, water cowhide and yak skin. Most of the leather is made of yellow cowhide, with smooth and smooth skin and the most detailed surface. The water cow skin usually does not make the face leather, which is used for making the bottom, because the grain surface is rough and the fabric is loose, but in these years, it is trudged with production technology and after fine processing. Less leather on leather shoes. The bottom of the leather shoes is made of rubber base and buffalo leather sole.

2. Work shoes

Pig leather has excellent air permeability and wear resistance, but the surface is rough and not lubricated, there is a "product" shaped hairy eye, elastic, water resistance is poor, after water absorption easily swollen deformation. Leather shoes made from pig leather are usually medium and low grade leather shoes. Pig leathers are often used to make shoes. Over the years, polished technology has been used to make pig shoe upper leather more handsome than before, and has also become one of the popular varieties. The bottom of the pig's leather shoes usually consists of the bottom of the rubber base.

3. Labor protection shoes

The surface leather of the labor protection shoes is mostly used with cattle leather, because the skin is thin, the elongation is large, the leather is soft and smooth after the leather, the grain surface is smooth and smooth, and the beautiful color is briefly dyed. Therefore, it is used in the manufacture of women's leather shoes and children's leather shoes, because the leather is soft and the fastness is small, usually suitable for leather clothing and hands. It is not suitable for leather shoes, such as sleeve, handbag and so on.

4. Artificial leather shoes

Artificial leather leather shoes are made of vinyl chloride foam artificial leather, which is made of glue and made of viscose. Artificial leather shoes are succinct and handsome, with low value, but the defects are: poor air permeability, less vigorous, and easy to harden at low temperatures.

5. Make up leather shoes

Leather shoes are usually made of non-woven fabric and polyurethane leather, and rubber or plastic as the bottom and adhesive for injection molding. Leather shoes have good tensile strength, have certain cold resistance, wear resistance, strong waterproof, and poor air permeability, but better than artificial leather shoes.

In these years, the leather shoes made from the wet leather in the advanced leather PCI leather are also many in the market. The PCI leather is a kind of advanced leather, which consists of two kinds of flat leather and wet leather. The manufacturing technology of flat leather is simple, the air permeability is poor and the value is sold. The wet leather is well made, and the air permeability is better. At the time, some advanced famous brand shoes are wet leather. The value of the product is even higher than that of leather shoes, but it still attracts many consumers.

6, PU leather shoes

With cloth or non-woven fabric as the base, polyurethane (PU) resin impregnated, and a series of technical processes, the appearance has a variety of stripes, beautiful and handsome color of the imitation leather. Its simulation is strong, its quality is uniform, it is not mildew, and it has certain resistance to water and solvent. But the moisture absorption, drainage and air permeability are not as good as natural leather.

In addition to the above several kinds of leather, these years, the tannery industry used some new materials and technologies in the manufacturing of leather shoes, breaking through the traditional traditions and habits, giving people a fresh feeling and received the pleasure. Such as: surface leather, cotton face leather, patent leather, soft upper leather and Rong Guangji.

In autumn, men should change their shoes that are desirable. Whether it's in the shoe cabinet or in the shoe store, you need to know the general knowledge of some leather shoes.

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