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What are the specifications for toe protection shoes for labor protection?

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What are the specifications for toe protection shoes for labor protection?

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Labor protection shoes

Specification requirements for protective toe shoes for labor protection supplies:

1. Shoe type:

That is, the length and width of the shoes, and whether the width of the shoes is exactly the same as that of the feet.

2. Shoe upper:

Can the softness of leather be natural and sticker when walking?

3, shoe state:

Can the whole shoe state stick to the feet instead of hitting the feet, loose and flexible?

4. Inner mat:

Whether we have correctly adopted vibration absorption function, sweat absorption function, massage function and health care function structure.

5. Inner Li:

Have you properly chosen breathable function, waterproof function, thermal insulation function and environmental protection function material?

6. Shoe sole:

It is necessary to use different degrees of distribution of base materials and skid resistance in accordance with local conditions and environments.

Toe shoe is a kind of shoe that has safety protection function to the foot. It has many kinds, such as toe protection, puncture prevention, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, etc. The protection of toe shoes should be based on the harmful nature and harm degree of the working environment.

Toe toe shoes should be used before reading. Special protective toe toe shoes should be inspected and kept clean and stored in a non polluting dry place after use.

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