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What kind of anti smash shoes do you need for building sites?

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What kind of anti smash shoes do you need for building sites?

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Smash shoes

The construction site is equipped with what kind of labor shoes are good, and different construction sites are not exactly the same as the anti smashing shoes, because there are many kinds of work in the construction site, and the environment is different. For example, the welding workers and the porters in the construction site are different. Which type of shoes should be used for work?

1. scaffold, tower crane operator, hoist and plasterer shall be equipped with skid resistant and anti smashing shoes.

2. the electrician should be equipped with electric insulation shoes.

3. welders and gas welders should be equipped with toe protection, anti puncture and anti smashing shoes.

4. boiler workers, pressure vessel installers, piping installers, tile workers, masonry workers, steel workers, stone workers and furnace workers should be equipped with protective toe protection shoes. It is better to have multi-functional anti smashing shoes with protective toes and anti piercing functions.

5. paint and waterproofing workers should be equipped with anti static and anti smashing shoes.

6. the masonry and concrete workers should be equipped with insulation and anti smash shoes.

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