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[labor protection shoes] women and high-heeled shoes cut the constant fate.

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[labor protection shoes] women and high-heeled shoes cut the constant fate.

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Labor protection shoes

Although medical experts have repeatedly confirmed that high heels (labor protection shoes) are associated with a variety of diseases such as cervical spondylosis and varicose veins, women are always hard to resist the temptation.

Compared with the flat shoes, once the high heels are put on, most of the weight of the body naturally shifts to the front feet. The increase of pressure in the front foot can easily lead to pain, wear and deformation of the toes, such as the appearance of hallux valgus like sister-in-law. When walking in high heels, the center of gravity of the lower part of the body forward, so that the body part will naturally lean back in order to maintain the balance of the body and eventually cause back pain. In addition, because of the heel relationship, the ankle will remain in the pedal state, the long time will make the calcaneal tendon tighten and shorten, a lot of tendinitis and foot pain is caused by this.

How to wear a pair of high-heeled shoes (labor protection shoes) in a healthy way? This requires you to have more skills.

1, step smaller, we must let the tiptoe point to the front.

2. Walk as close as possible to your legs. Try to let the heels touch the ground first, then slowly push your strength to the toes.

3. Walking barefoot after going home allows the ankle to move more freely and stimulate different reflexes at the foot.

4, self massage, after wearing high heels for a long time, soak in hot water for 10~15 minutes at night. Then gently massage the back lymph nodes of the knee joint with hands to accelerate blood flow and metabolite excretion.

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