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It is important to replace the toe shoes regularly.

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It is important to replace the toe shoes regularly.

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Toe shoe

In the state finance is not so good now, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to the first line workers, take safety shoes, at present, many enterprises in order to save the cost, give employees a year to distribute a pair of toe shoes, this is very unreasonable and unlawful, foot protection is mainly to protect toe shoes, protect toe shoes once once. Bad, the company does not change, do not want to buy, so many of the employees have brought a lot of harm to you, how to change the safety shoes, how much time to change, this is required in the labor law.

The replacement time of the safety shoes is according to the national quality assurance requirement, the footwear warranty period is three months, the non personnel intentionally cause, the degumming, the broken bottom and the section need the manufacturer to change repair. The manufacturer suggests that a pair of toe shoes can not be worn more than 6 months, because the workload of protecting the toe shoes is more than our ordinary shoe time. It should be long and safe to contact with oil, acid, alkali, high temperature and over load every day. These are the reasons for reducing the life of safety shoes.

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