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Recommendations for the implementation of the standard for labor protection shoes

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Recommendations for the implementation of the standard for labor protection shoes

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Labor protection shoes

The formulation of the standard for labor protection shoes provides technical basis for standardizing and guiding the employing units and practitioners to correctly select and maintain protective shoes (boots). The implementation of standards requires the relevant management departments, employers and practitioners to work together to truly play the guiding role of standards. It is suggested that the employer should establish the management system for the selection, use and maintenance of protective shoes (boots) according to this standard, strengthen publicity and training, guarantee the safety cost of protective shoes (boots) maintenance, evaluate, inspect, maintain and replace the protective shoes (boots) regularly, to reduce the occurrence of foot injury accidents and protect from the occurrence of the foot injury accidents. We should make positive efforts to ensure personal safety and health. Protective footwear (boots) should be inspected before use and regularly checked, and the situation that does not meet the requirements should be scrapped. The judging conditions of protective footwear mainly include two aspects: appearance defect inspection and protection performance test. Users may refer to the conditions of disqualification stipulated in the product manual, the abandonment requirements prescribed by the employer or 5.4 of the standard. Such as: appearance defects, instructions specified in the standard 5.2, or other discarded conditions specified by the employer; the protective shoes (boots) are seriously damaged in the use or storage period of storage or exceed the period of effective use and storage; or they shall be discarded by regular inspection or disqualification.

The electrical properties of antistatic shoes (boots), conductive shoes (boots) and electric insulating shoes (boots) are easily affected by the environment, so they should be tested and checked regularly before use. Anti static shoes (boots) and conductive shoes (boots) should be tested once every use of 200H; electrical insulation shoes (boots) should have a preventive test of electrical insulation every 6 months. If the test resistance values do not conform to the safety requirements of Table 2 protective shoes (boots), they can not continue to use.

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