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The use of anti smashing shoes under what circumstances

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The use of anti smashing shoes under what circumstances

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Smash shoes

In the work, there are often the purchase plans reported by the safety officials, but the actual use of shoes is not good, because the safety shoes are not pierced and the steel floor is punctured, and the comfort of the labor shoes is reduced to a certain extent. The employees will feel hard and increase the cost of purchasing. The products that use Kevlar material instead of steel plate can improve the comfort and the cost obviously.

So is the staff demand too high? Not, most of the time is the production environment does not need to prevent the piercing safety shoes, only need to prevent smashing, such as factory workshops usually have strict process management, environmental management, the general ground will not appear iron nails, large iron chips appear, at this time we had better choose to use the safety shoes, if there is electrical insulation need to be tired. Add function, because there is no need to prevent smashing and piercing function naturally there will be complaints, if the ground has such as iron nails, it must be used to prevent smashing shoes, in order to safety staff will not complain about what, after all, the safety of good foot protection first, related to each foot.

The use of insulation shoes to prevent piercing and preventing the use of where, the routine is the production construction site, the probability of the emergence of iron nails in a relatively large case, must be selected with the anti piercing function of the safety shoes. If your employees do not work on a single occasion, there are many mobile occasions, and according to the working environment, select the required multi-functional safety shoes when the plan is reported, and the anti puncture safety shoes can not be superimposed on the electric insulation safety shoes.

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