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Why do you stain shoes and shoes after changing shoes and shoes?

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Why do you stain shoes and shoes after changing shoes and shoes?

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Toe shoe

There are two reasons for this phenomenon. One is the quality of the shoe oil. If the shoe oil dissolves to destroy the shoe's leather coating, it can cause the discoloration and change of the shoe. Two is a kind of leather commonly known as "oil skin" is a kind of high grade of the cow front leather. The coating is very thin, the adsorption, the permeability is strong, the sanitary performance is good, if the quality of the shoe oil is asked. The problem is to squeeze directly into the upper, or to touch the oil spots, and form spots. In addition, dripping ink or hair dye and gasoline will cause pollution. Therefore, you should be careful when you wear it. Three. Why do you break shoes for shoes?

Adhesive and anti smash shoes and shoes are not bonded tightly, and glue is more common. There are many reasons for opening glue, mainly because of raw material selection and improper process control. The rubber bottom and the leather use the chloroprene glue to stick, and the resin containing more imitation leather bottom, polyurethane bottom is difficult to work, must be modified with polyamine or other adhesives to stick, because a kind of adhesive is not suitable for any material. The adhesion of anti shoe leather shoes is controlled by the peel strength index. These indicators should be measured by the peel tester. When choosing the shoes, check to check the help, the bottom adhesive place is firm, whether there is the glue, and pay attention to the rain ice when wearing the shoes. Because the shoe shoe shoes are easy to open after they meet the water. Four, how to check in the shoes?

You can use your hand to find out whether there are any defects in the shoe chamber, such as whether the insole is up to your feet (not a short part of the shoe,) or not, whether the shoe is unequal to the nail tip and the nail tail.

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