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Labor protection shoes are full of market

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Labor protection shoes are full of market

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Labor protection shoes

Since people began to wear shoes, the shoe segmentation industry has changed greatly, and the traditional labor protection shoe industry has also begun to affect people's life. In the spare time of work, a pair of comfortable shoes suitable for feet can not only provide safety protection for feet, but also bring pleasure to walking. People are eager to buy their favorite labor protection shoes after satisfying their trip. Shoes have become a kind of personal taste in cultural life.

However, because of the sustained economic downturn at home and abroad and the lack of domestic demand for export, the cold winter of the labor protection shoe industry may only just begin for many domestic manufacturing enterprises. As a professional labor protection shoe manufacturer, the Dalang Hong Xiang Hardware labor protection supplies department also began to feel the chill gradually coming. The overall contraction of productive enterprises has a direct impact on the sales volume of labour protection shoes. According to past experience, the demand for labour protective footwear is large and urgent in the traditional selling season. This year, the sales performance of Zun lion's labor protection shoes has not been greatly affected, but the growth rate has begun to slow down. This is a signal that can't be ignored.

With the reduction of enterprise efficiency and the contraction of strategy, many enterprises begin to use robots instead of some labor, while reducing new factories and reducing new employees. This has reduced the input of labor protection shoes to enterprises. It also indirectly affects the sales of Zun Shi labor protection shoes. At the same time, because the market is full of various kinds of labor protection shoes, the price varies from 20 to 30 yuan to a few hundred yuan. Many labor protection shoe manufacturers have to fight price wars in order to compete in the market. The overall decline in the price of labor protection shoes has a direct impact on the profit of the production enterprises of labor protection shoes, which is fatal for some small labor protection shoe manufacturers. In order to protect their profits, they have to reduce the quality requirements of the products and produce a large number of products which do not meet the national standards. Thus it brings security risks to the use of enterprises.

According to the survey, some of the economically less developed or remote areas, because of the information is not smooth, some manufacturing enterprises in order to save cost, do not look at the quality of labor protection shoes, only look at the price of labor protection shoes, and buy some cheap labor protection shoes to go back to use. At the same time, some dealers in order to increase profits, willfully reduce supplier's product price, ignore product quality. As a result, a large number of workers in the use of these unqualified labor protection shoes, continue to bear the pain of discomfort, and also bear the danger of these unqualified labor protection shoes at any time.

Therefore, we are here to advise some enterprises not to save money simply and ignore the safety of employees. It is important to save the cost, but in the case of the labor force becoming precious, for the long-term development of the enterprise and the reputation of the enterprise, we should put the safety of the staff in the first place. It should not be saved in labor insurance. As a result, some of our purchases, while buying these products, please shine your eyes, not to pursue cheap, and let a pair of unqualified labor protection shoes in your eyes.

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