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Operators must wear protective toe shoes

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Operators must wear protective toe shoes

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Toe shoe

Welders must wear good work clothes, insulation toe toe shoes, and wear protective glasses to work. On the morning of 26, the news gathering group of "Sanjin security line" came to Yangquan mining area. In the province, Yangquan, Yangquan mining area safety supervision personnel in the Yangquan Mingda industry and Trade Co., Ltd. inspection process, 3 welding workers did not wear insulation shoes to be on post operation.

Reporters entered the company with inspectors, and no safety line was laid on the floor of the production workshop. In the welder's working area, 3 workers are welding beside the welder. "A special operator's operation certificate" welders can be employed. Have you attended any training, do you have the operation certificate? The inspector asked one of the welders. "I have a photocopy of the operation certificate. The original is kept by the factory security officer." The workers said. The inspectors found that the 3 welders did not wear the insulating shoes according to the national labor protection regulations.

"Every two years, the company will issue an insulating shoe to the welder. There are 4 welders in the company. These people are on duty and should wear insulating shoes." Knowing that the inspectors arrived at the factory, Wang Chunming, vice manager of the plant safety, ran from the office to the workshop. "Workers may be too hot to wear shoes." Wang Chunming said, go back to the office and find out the welder's operation certificate. "How many employees are there in the company? Is there a health record for employees? Have special operators such as electricians, travelling men and welders have established special operation personnel management files? Faced with these problems, Wang Chunming frankly, the two files are not established at present, staff physical examination, special workers in order to do a certificate, to regular participation in the safety supervision department training, the company will arrange these staff before the training. Other workers can not arrange physical examination regularly. The company will immediately rectify the hidden danger.

At the scene, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau inspector introduced that the insulation shoes were a kind of toe shoe that was made of insulating materials. Welders are special workers. They should wear insulation shoes. In reality, there are some workers who know the wrong operation is wrong, but under the fluke psychological drive, we always think that there is no accident or danger before, and there will be no accident or danger. Violation of regulations is easy to cause accidents and hurt themselves. In order to avoid hurting yourself, we must operate according to the safe operation rules.

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