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Innovation and development of labor protection shoe enterprises

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Innovation and development of labor protection shoe enterprises

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Labor protection shoes

People's awareness of safety has prompted industrial enterprises to pay more and more attention to safety problems in production. According to the relevant European regulations, employers must provide safety protection to employees to ensure that employees work in a safe environment, and labor protection shoes are an important part of them. Labor protection shoes belong to high technical content and high value-added footwear. The production process has high requirements for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemicals, mechanical equipment and so on. At present, many domestic shoes making enterprises with certain scale and grade have put their eyes on the market which has been occupied by developed countries in the developed countries.

After 20 years of rapid development, China's footwear industry is experiencing the most difficult period. "International, anti-dumping and other trade protection measures are frequent, and the international economic and trade environment is deteriorating, and the domestic enterprises are facing the appreciation of the RMB, the rising cost of labor and the increase of the price of raw materials. The superposition effect of these factors has made China's shoe industry breathless for a while. Xu Yong, vice president of China Light Industry Federation, pointed out that

And many domestic labor protection shoes enterprises have felt the pain, Shanghai State Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of safety and insurance products in China, and the lead of this labor protection shoe industry has not felt the slightest lighten. Many domestic labor protection footwear enterprises are facing the dilemma of declining profits and decreasing orders. But at the same time, what is even more optimistic is that the deep-seated problems and contradictions in the industrial structure are also affecting and restricting the development of domestic shoe enterprises. The small scale of the production enterprises, the excess capacity of the industry, the export growth with the main quantity, the low overall profit rate, the excessive concentration of the export market, and the easy cause of trade friction; the domestic market is not standardized and the marketing mode is backward, which has forced the Chinese shoe enterprises to be the key to the transformation and upgrading.

New technology and new materials help enterprises to win the market

The changing market for labor protection shoes is seep into the young workforce, and the younger employees are growing up only to know fashion shoes. "When it comes into the labor force and is required to wear steel and Baotou boots, it will choose a sport style with a ladle head or a traveling shoe with a ladle head, not the 6 inch working boots of the old one." In fact, suppliers of labor protection shoes say younger, more popular buyers are promoting the importance of famous brands in the market. More familiar brands, such as Cat, Harley-Davidson, and Skechers, are emerging in the work shoe market, using their brand awareness to help a large group of young customers who are strongly influenced by their partner preferences or in the way of life.

Because of the use of new technology and materials, the labor protection shoes produced are much lighter than in the past. In many cases, the weight of shoes has been reduced by about 50%. Although it is generally believed that the working shoes are heavier because of the use of ladle heads, he pointed out that steel Baotou weighs only 1/8 ounces. He said the reason for the lighter boots is the change of the insole and outsole. The use of synthetic materials of various types of shock absorbing shoes, inner bottom and bottom material and bottom, and the use of more mesh and other lighter materials on the upper, will play a role in the comfort and lighter quality of the shoes.

Although more traditional labour protective shoes may have advantages in durability, updated footwear also has its own advantages. "Old style work boots need to be worn for a long time before they are comfortable to wear." "And now, when you buy work boots, it is very comfortable to wear, and it does not require long running in." The BREATH Polly labor protection shoes use the biomimetic superfine fiber material as the help surface and the large bottom material, combined with the new technology, which greatly compensates the vacancy of the labor protection shoes.

In the increasingly fierce competition, the traditional industry market has become saturated. The price of the product is also becoming more and more transparent. Under the pressure of market competition, the manufacturer, in pursuit of production profit, often uses human experience to monitor the process of production quality in many times, while people neglect the requirements of machine detection in the process of production quality, and many test items that can not be judged by human experience are often unqualified in testing, such as The test of adhesive force between the upper and the sole and the test of adhesion between the bottom of the shoe and the adhesive force are easy to appear, such as false or dead glue. The stability and conformity of the quality are often not guaranteed.

Not only that, when most manufacturers purchase materials, they are used to the sale of the sellers' collocation, resulting in the inherent quality defects of the purchased collocation materials, which makes the test results unsatisfactory. In addition, when some manufacturers purchase materials, in order to reduce the cost of production, it is often preferred to purchase new materials or alternative materials. The quality factors of stability are neglected artificially, resulting in large fluctuations in the test results, such as the use of a new PU shoe surface instead of leather upper, and the testing of the adhesive force between the upper and the sole is often unqualified. Under such unfavorable circumstances, shoes enterprises should realize double upgrading of management and technology, and design more high-quality labor protection shoes with additional value.

In the process of sales, there are some problems between the labor protection shoe enterprises and the consumers, which also involves the contradiction of honesty and the problem of interest. How to balance the contradictions between the two parties and achieve a win-win outcome, which requires the timely feedback and treatment of the quality of the products and the opinions of the consumers. Solve the problem in time. At the same time, we constantly improve the quality of products and meet the needs of consumers. Not only need to create a good brand image

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