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What are the materials and production processes of labor protection shoes?

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What are the materials and production processes of labor protection shoes?

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Labor protection shoes

What are the main production techniques of labor protection shoes? At present, there are mainly two types of labor protection shoes that consumers often come into contact with:

First major category: injection molding labor protection shoes

The injection molding is a shoe that is produced by the introduction of the injection machine of the German company. After the shoe is stuck on the last, the PU (chemical name polyurethane) material is injected directly by the turntable, and the sole is formed at one time. Advantages: as the main machine is done, if the output is large, the price will be cheap and the quantity will be small. Shortcomings: if the style is many, and the number is small, the mold is very troublesome, the shoes are difficult to shape, no cold sticky shoes are fine, so it is generally suitable for the sole style of the sole.

Second categories: cold sticky safety shoes labor protection shoes

Cold sticky is also commonly said to be hand-made shoes. Italy, Spain's famous brand shoes belong to this category. Generally, cold and sticky soles are processed, and cold soled soles are usually provided by factories specializing in the production of sole. The method is to help the noodles to be finalized with plastic last and glue together with the sole. Advantages: fine workmanship, better shoes. Disadvantages: small daily output and high price. The production of medium and large factories can only be formed.

Labor protection shoes

The material of the sole

Common rubber, vulcanized rubber, or polyvinyl chloride are commonly used. The sole function is mainly abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat insulation and oil proofing. However, due to the different characteristics of different materials, the function is different. The protective cover is made of steel sheets. The function is to prevent the nail from piercing the sole. In addition, soles made of some materials can reduce static electricity or relieve the speed of electrostatic discharge. This can control the possibility of explosion or fire caused by static electricity.

Two. The material of the shoe body

Leather, synthetic leather, PVC and synthetic fibers are commonly found. These substances have their own advantages. For example, real leather shoes are more durable and wear better, but the function of corrosive liquid is not good. Artificial leather can be applied to waterproofing, corrosive chemicals or other pollutants, but if the surface is worn, the function will be affected. PVC is most suitable for wet skating and easy to clean, but it can be decomposed by some chemicals. Synthetic fiber shoes are easier to clean and resist chemical decomposition.

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